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  • DISH Hopper 2012

    A Look at Dish Network Hopper


    Dish Network introduced a brand new High Definition DVR system for the whole house at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The system is based on a kangaroo theme and named Hopper. The Dish Hopper DVR features a 2TB drive and is capable of recording as …

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  • HSI 1

    Patriot Memory Alpine Media Player


    Patriot memory is a company that is famous for its memory products. However, during the last couple of years, it has tried to venture into the realm of HD media players. The Company’s Patriot Box Office (PBO) line of media players was launched in 2009. …

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  • streaming media player

    DVDO Air Wireless HD Player


    DVDO has recently announced the launch if its new wireless HD video and audio streaming device, which comes sans wires. Transmitting uncompressed HD audio or video files to your HDTV or any other display device using the new DVDO Air WirelessHD is very easy.

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  • Android@Home INSIDE your home


    Check out the latest news coming out of Google IO regarding Google plans to help create the Connected Home by using Android to help in the home system integration

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  • 360 Kinect – more than a game controller, a game changer!


    The Xbox 360 Kinect connect isn’t just revolutionizing the gaming industry, it’s about to have a huge impact on how you interact with your PC, TV, and more!

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