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  • Google TV | Logitech jumps in the game


    As we mentioned in our recent post, Logitech has jumped on the Google band wagon in a recent partnership to support Google TV. Shortly after Logitech joined Google on stage along with Sony, Intel, Best Buy, DISH Network and Adobe for the announcement of Google …

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  • Windows Home Server | “Vail” beta now available!


    On April 26th, Microsoft unveiled “Vail” (yes, I meant that!), the second iteration of the Windows Home Server series.  Built on the Windows Server 2008 R2 platform, the primary enhancements focus on: Extending media streaming outside the home or office Improvements in multi-PC backup and …

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  • Windows Home Server | An introduction to Windows Home Server


    “So what exactly IS Windows Home Server and why would I want (or even need) a ‘server’ in my home or small office? “ Great Question! As our lives have become more and more digitized in the way we create and store files,  music, photos, …

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  • Media Streaming | Hulu plans to charge for service


    In a move that the entertainment and cable industries are watching closely, Hulu has announced that it is making plans on becoming a paid service in the near future. While there is a lot of speculation on whether the consumer will pay for this type …

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  • Integrating Home Technology


    Home System Integration…what are we all about? Ever since I spent my first year here in California working in the home automation industry, I’ve had a particular affinity towards this stuff. Being an IT guy for many years now, I obviously have a fair amount …

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