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Trying to figure out how to build a FreeNAS Media Center server or install the latest version of Windows Home Server? Learn from the best here at HSI as we teach you to build your own systems within your Connected Home!

Download and install My Movies 4.0 and experience Media Center 7 bliss!


My Movies, one of the best add-ins for Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center, has just released a major update. Find links and install instructions here!

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Ubuntu VMware Server – Part II: Enabling the GUI on Ubuntu 10.10 Server


In Part 2 of our series, learn to install VMware Server 2.0 on an Ubuntu 10.10 server. Step by step directions for building your own Ubuntu VMware Server.

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Installing VMWare Server 2.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 Server


Instead of opting for Windows Virtualization, why not go with the more robust desktop virtualization solution of creating a Ubuntu VMWare server? Learn how Step-by-Step.

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Using a USB Hard Drive to Create a Removable WHS Backup System


Learn how to keep your data at home secure without paying a monthly premium for WHS Backup Service. Design your own WHS Backup System and backup WHS on USB.

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Using VMware Server 2 to run Ubuntu server and WHS 2011 as a Virtual Server


Learn how to build a VMware virtual server like Ubuntu Server or WHS 2011 using VMware Server 2. Run your virtual server from your Windows 7 desktop!

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Connecting a PC to Windows Home Server 2011 in 10 easy steps


Step-by-step instructions to connect your PC to your Windows Home Server 2011. WHS 2011 introduces you to the Connected Home beyond just a windows media server.

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FreeNAS Tutorial Part 5 – FTP Server Setup


In his 5th installment of the FreeNAS Install Series where he teaches you to build your own media server, John Reyes covers the FTP capabilities of FreeNAS.

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Building Windows Home Server 2011 in a Virtual Environment


Step by step instructions on how to build the new Release Candidate Windows Home Server in a virtual environment on VMware server.

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FreeNAS Tutorial Part 4 – UPnP Streaming


Part 4 of Home System Integration’s in-depth series on building your very own FreeNAS server that can stream media throughout the Connected Home!

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WHS Vail beta expired? Here is how to fix it!


As many of you have found out, the current beta version of the upcoming Windows Home Server “Vail” was set …

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