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Apple TV

Features of the New Apple TV


Features of nem Apple TVApple TV has not made the mark that it was expected to make in the media streaming devices market. Apple has been guilty of not focusing a lot on this impressive service but after the release of iOS 6, Apple engineers seems to have finally found some time for Apple TV.

If you are an Apple TV user, you would have received a notification to update the software version 5.1, which was recently released after the iOS update. If you have missed the automatic update, you can make the update manually through the settings tab. The whole process should be over within 20 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of the internet connection you have.

As it is with all new releases, you will need some time to figure out what is new in the latest release and how you can use it to your advantage. Here is a note on the new features that you should look at in the latest version of the Apple TV software.

Icons Can Be Rearranged

One of the complaints that Apple TV users had was that the icons on their home screen were fixed and there was no way of rearranging them to their convenience. Finally, the 5.1 release of the software will give you the freedom to move the icons around on your home screen and place them as you like. However, there is a small glitch to this feature, according to some, which you may face when you actually try to rearrange the icons on your home screen.

Apple IDs Can Be Shared On the Same Box

With the latest release, you can use more than one user ID with your Apple TV hardware. This feature will indeed be convenient if more than one person in the family has an Apple TV account. You will obviously have to log out of the current account and log into the account with which you want to use the Apple TV. When a subscription expires or you want to access the history from another Apple ID of your own or one of your friends’, you will find that this feature comes in handy.

Photo Streams Made Available On TV

Another added feature of the latest Apple TV software is the access to shared photo streams. If you have shared an album such that it can be viewed on an OS X or an iOS device, then you can watch the same album on your Apple TV too. Of course, there is also the option of disabling it if you don’t want your shared iAlbums on your TV.

View Movie Show Times

The feature of watching trailers on Apple TV is not new. However, if you want to check out the movie show times in your local theaters after watching the trailer, you can do so now with your Apple TV. All the updated listings will be made available to you through the internet and with only a few clicks, you can get the details you want.

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