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Cloud DVR Services with TV Hoarding and Channel Surfing from Boxee TV


Boxee TV offers the unique experience of having a single piece of hardware that can merge channel surfing, online media streaming and DVR services. To add to that, you get to use the cloud storage services while using Boxee DVR which means that you can watch recorded shows from anywhere you want. The device and the services are also fairly affordable, which makes Boxee TV one of the best choices among streaming media players.

The Hardware

In the recent past, Google TV had come up with hardware that attempted something on the same lines, which is to integrate TV and media streaming. But that required the usage of a cable box too, which is not the case with Boxee TV. This device has a port for connecting the input from basic cable package or antenna. This direct HD signal is routed to your TV through a HDMI cable. The box is also approximately the size of two Roku streaming boxes placed side by side. Also, you have the wireless port for internet connectivity and also a couple of USB ports in case you need to stream something to your TV locally.

The User Interface

One of the noteworthy features of Boxee TV is its user interface. It has been intuitively designed to make the user experience somewhat streamlined. The channel list is displayed on top of the TV feed. According to Boxee release, the service has so many features that inclusion of too many apps would only end up confusing the user on how to go about using it. That is the reason why the service will offer you only a few apps to begin with. These include Pandora, Vudu, Vimeo, Netflix, and YouTube. However, the upside is that local streaming, either through Wi-Fi or through USB, is supported fully.

The Cloud DVR

DVR service has become a standard in online media streaming devices and Boxee has also included it in its offerings. However, Boxee has upped the ante by moving from a local hard drive, like its contemporaries, to a cloud storage service. When you hit the record button during a show, the feed will be encoded and passed to the cloud storage, where it will be stored under your account. The benefit of this method is that you can watch the show from anywhere with a Boxee TV. To top that, Boxee TV comes with a dual tuner. This part allows you to watch one show at a time while recording another. So, you will never have to miss another show again. Although you will have to shell $15 per month for this service, you are getting unlimited storage which is literally unmatched in the current DVR services.

The Limitations

Of course, there are only so many channels that you can watch with basic cable and antenna. But many people prefer just basic TV with media streaming apps. For them, this is a boon. So watch out for the new Boxee TV, which hits the shelves on the 1st of November.

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