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Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus Available on Apple TV


Apple TV has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and yet, the consumers could not use one of the top media streaming apps with it: Hulu and Hulu Plus. However, things are set to change as Apple has managed to include Hulu’s streaming TV service into their Apple TV. The announcement was made on the 31st of July and although there was no news about the expected firmware update requested by many users, the Hulu service was made available to the pleasant surprise of its users.

Adding To Apple TVs Range of Television Streaming Services

Apple TV did boast of one of the most impressive collection of television streaming services. Hulu now joins Flickr, YouTube,, NBA and Netflix in the lineup for Apple TV users. While Netflix is preferred by most users who opt for streaming TV via the internet, Hulu does have a loyal following and enough market share to prove to be a valuable addition to the Apple TV video streaming collection. It is a little surprising that it took so long for Apple to add Hulu to its set of streaming services as Hulu and Hulu Plus have both been available on the iPad and the iPhone for quite some time.

Hulu Ad Service Might Have Kept Apple on the the Fence

One of the main reasons why Hulu was not added to Apple TV’s range of streaming services initially was its advertisements. Ads are the main source of revenue for Hulu and they were not willing to sacrifice it just to be included in Apple TV. However, the trend seems to be changing now as Apple has realized that Hulu is indeed one of the major players in the online streaming services industry, so it seems that Apple has changed its views on the ads.

Apple Still Consolidating their Position in Streaming Industry

Apple has been slowly but steadily establishing itself as a competitor in the media streaming industry. Although it is nowhere near to  top position, expansion of its range of services through the addition of Hulu demonstrates that Apple is actively pursuing a place as one of the top streaming media devices, with stiff competition from Google TV, VUDU, and others. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has earlier said that Apple TV sales stats were encouraging than the previous year, noting that they have already sold more units of Apple TV this year than all of last year.

Apple Damaging Its Own Prospects?

With the addition of Hulu and Hulu Plus, Apple TV now more services which are cheaper than those offered through its own iStore. It will be interesting to see if this is a misdirected move by Apple as they are providing options to its users and decreasing the number of buyers for the iStore and therefore allowing people options outside of its own structured (and often limiting) ecosystem. However, the majority of revenue generated by Apple is from the sales of its hardware; adding more services could mean in influx of buyers who opt for Apple TV because of these options. This in turn could mean more units will be sold and the revenue generated there will be much more than Apple could ever generate from its iStore in the first place.

In the end, adding Hulu to Apple TV can only help the platform as Hulu is a popular service amongst media streamers.

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