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Companies Set To Produce ‘Roku Ready’ Devices


Roku had announced the release of its media streaming stick, a wireless device which will allow you to stream media wirelessly. Although the company has not officially indicated any release date or what the price of the device is going to be, it has come up with a list of companies which will produce ‘Roku Ready’ displays. What this means is that these devices will have all the initial setup that makes them compatible with  the Roku streaming stick.

All you need to do is just plug your Roku streaming stick into any of these displays and you can start streaming videos instantly. The list of companies which are producing these ‘Roku Ready’ displays include Mitsubishi Electric, Onkyo, Integra and TMAX Digital among others.

Convert Your Display into a TV without any Cords

The advantage of owning a ‘Roku ready’ display is that you can instantly convert your display into a fully connected TV without any hardware, remotes, power cords, cables or any other accessories. This is made possible because the manufacturers have already included all the necessary features that are needed for the display to be used with the streaming stick from Roku. For all you know, these TVs might be released in a package with the Roku Streaming Stick, just to promote the device initially.

What is the Roku Streaming Stick?

For those of you who have forgotten what the Roku Streaming Stick is, here is a quick recap:  The device looks like a wireless modem which is capable of connecting to the internet and wirelessly stream media to the display device to which it is connected. Basically, it is a miniature streaming box which doesn’t even require a remote control.

The remote of your television can  double up as the remote for your streaming stick also, which is unlike the Roku streaming box. The only criterion for using it is that the display device it is being used with must be MHL compatible. MHL in this context means Mobile High Definition Link. The stick has a built in wireless network card which will allow it to connect to your  Wi-Fi network.

What is MHL?

Mobile High Definition Link is similar to your HDMI port. It is the new standard that all the display device manufacturers are adopting. The device has a lot more features than your HDMI port, the most noteworthy being its ability to deliver power to the connected device on which it will operate. That is the reason why Roku has been able to miniaturize something as complex as a streaming device into a USB dongle sized gadget. There are a few other elements in MHL which are essential from the streaming stick’s design point of view.

Company on the Lookout for More Partners

CEO of Roku, Anthony Wood, had mentioned a few days earlier that Roku is still on the lookout for more display device manufacturing companies. He said that the association will help consumers to avail not only ‘Roku Ready’ display devices but also Blu-ray players and other receivers which are manufactured to be compatible with Roku Streaming Stick.

Home System Integration is definitely looking forward to review this great device from Roku!

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