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Shipping of Mozaex Chroma Streaming Servers Begins


Mozaex, the reputed server company based inUtah, has started shipping its latest Chroma multi-room servers. The company has proudly announced that the new entertainment server is the first of its kind to integrate iTunes and Blu-ray. Nicknamed ‘iBlu’, the new server brings together the quality offered by Blu-ray technology and the convenience and popularity of iTunes. In addition to that, the new server also has the Ultraviolet Vudu service, so you can enjoy movies and videos of your choice. More than anything, this new server also allows you to stream your videos and audio in iTunes using a remote. As the company says, it is an all-in-player with storage space of 1TB.

The New Chroma Server – Features

The latest range of Chroma products from Mozaex include the iBlu server, which brings the best of Blu-ray and the Apple TV in one device. It is a multi-room home entertainment unit that acts as a Blu-ray player and also a storage device. It can be used to play Blu-ray discs and internally stored media, and also streams online media. The features of this server include –

  1. loading and playing Blu-ray discs, CDs and DVDs, as well as content stored on the server. The content can be from discs, iTunes or from the web.
  2. storing data of up to 1 TB, which means you can save around 125 DVDs or 25 Blu- ray discs
  3. accessing and streaming online media from sites like Ultraviolet Vudu, Netflix, Picasa and Pandora. The number of online media channels you can access, however, depends on where you are located.
  4. You can connect to 4 or more players and sonnets for playback in additional rooms

The server can also be connected to USB and other eSATA storage devices for additional storage capacity, besides the 1 TB Non-RAID media storage that the device comes with. The iBlu server is also capable of scaling videos to a resolution of 1080p.

Specifications and Accessories

The Chroma Server is compact and acts as a great single room entertainment unit too. It weighs just 5 lbs and is 11Wx1.5Hx7.36D. It can be mounted on a shelf or on a rack, as per your convenience. You could choose the optional Rack Kit from Mozaex if you don’t want it fixed to the wall.

The accessories that come with this server include a Mini RF Handheld Keyboard, which comes with a SlideGuide Mouse remote control. The device can also be controlled by touch panels, 1 or 2 way, such as iPad, iPhone, Vantage, Crestron, Control14 and more.

Range of Chroma Products

The new Chroma streaming server, along with the other products in the Chroma range, will be available from authorized dealers of the company. The company has started shipping of all its products, except for the Chroma 4TB, which will be released into the market in September 2012. The cost of the server is relatively cheaper, although it may not seem like it initially. Chroma range of products come with a 2 year warranty and lifetime free product support, which is a great add-on for the price you pay.

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