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Roku Gets $45M Funding to enhance future Streaming Media Players


Popular manufacturer of streaming devices, Roku, has been granted an impressive 45 million dollars in funding from a group of companies, which include British Sky Broadcasting and News Corp.  Roku is among the top players in the industry which manufactures players that aid in streaming audio and video content from the internet to your TV sets. The company announced details about the funding, one of the largest funding rounds Roku has been involved in, with other expected developments which involved aggressive expansion plans and loftier goals than the previous quarter.

Funding Coming from a Group of Companies

Being that this is the first time Roku is being funded by a group of companies, it is interesting to see so many companies take the initiative to fund a content streaming device, thereby establishing Roku’s position as one of the top online media streaming device manufacturers. Roku being supported by big networks such as British Sky Broadcasting and News Corp is a positive sign to both existing and new customers and you can expect improved products from the company in the near future. The other companies involved in the venture are Globespan Capital Partners and Menlo Ventures, who had invested in Roku earlier also.

News Corp has not only funded Roku but has also sent over a representative to the Roku board in the form of Jon Miller, the Chief Digital Officer of News Corp, now formally a member of the Board of Directors of Roku. However, there is no change on the top leadership front of Roku and Anthony Woods continues to hold the vital position as the Chairman.

Roku Committed To Deliver the Best Possible Streaming Service

Chairman Wood was obviously pleased at the event where this new development was announced and said that Roku was committed to deliver the best possible experience to its customers. He said that from the beginning of this venture, the philosophy they have stood by is to provide streaming services at the best possible price. He said that the joint venture of Roku with companies such as British Sky Broadcastingy and News Corp will help them in expanding their range of offerings and they want to become the undisputed leader in this field. He rounded off by saying that their ultimate goal was to make Roku the benchmark for streaming TV distribution in the near future.

An Overview of Roku’s Growth Plans

Roku said that they will use the funding to improve their offerings by investing in research and development for their upcoming devices, to include several new and improved streaming media players which will revolutionize the media streaming industry.   Reliable sources said that the new research and development projects are focused on adding other options to the Roku series of Media Streaming devices to address the different streaming requirements of their wide customer base.

They also plan to create more brand awareness by launching aggressive advertising campaigns, inclusion of games in their new systems, and by introducing a new system which will allow its users to pay only for the content they watch.

Roku continues to expand its dominance in the Streaming Media player category which can only push innovations by other devices like Google TV.

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