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Nexus Q Globe

New Streaming Media Player from Google: Nexus Q Globe


At its recent I/O conference in San Francisco, Google announced the launch of its new media streaming player, the Nexus Q. The new device, which is black in color and spherical in shape, can be used to connect a series of Android based devices in your home, to your TV. With this new product, the company aims at competing with the leaders in the streaming media market, like Sony, Apple and Samsung. Google is calling the the Nexus Q, which has a globe-like structure, as the new ‘social streaming player’ and plans to start the shipping of this product in July.

Features of the Nexus Q

The Nexus Q is a spherical device that resembles a small bowling ball, weighs around 4 pounds and has a diameter of 4.6 inches. The media player is covered in matte black color and has a flat bottom that keeps it stable wherever it is placed. The compact device, which is great for smaller rooms, can be connected to your TV and controlled by any device that is powered by Android version 2.3, Gingerbread.

The Nexus Q, which according to Google is a part of its Project Tungsten, has LED lights in the front and the connectivity ports in the back. The lights indicate the power on/off mode of the media player. The back of the device has connectivity ports for Ethernet , audio, Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI out. Just above these ports is a series of banana jacks for audio output, which allow connectivity to external speakers. The Nexus Q’s built-in 25-watt amp is used for powering the speakers through these jacks, without the need for an AV. The device also supports WI-Fi, NFC or Near Field Communication and Bluetooth.

The processor of the Nexus Q is the OMAP4460 dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, which is accompanied by 16GB flash memory and 1GB RAM. The device also has a SGX540 graphics processor and runs on the latest Android 4.0. An added advantage of this streaming media player is that it supports a host of Google applications like YouTube, Google Play Music and Movies.

Nexus Q For Enhanced Media Streaming at Home

The Google Nexus Q is a streaming media player that can connect a chain of android devices to your TV for streaming videos, photos and music. It acts as a bridge between various android devices and your TV, so that you can enjoy the video and audio tracks from YouTube, Google Play Music or Movies. Just select the desired tracks or files on your android device and you can stream and play them on your home theater system.

Google promises a seamless movie streaming experience with the Nexus Q. Movies that you start watching on your Android tablet or phone can be streamed and played on your TV, from wherever you left them on the mobile device. Even if you stop the streaming mid-way, you can pick it up from there on your android phone or tablet. The Nexus Q certainly sounds like one of the gadgets that home theater fans should own. If you plan to buy this device, which is priced reasonably, you should also check the bookshelf speakers and the cables that Google is selling along with it.

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