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New Google TV Hardware to Stream Media from Android Devices


Google has not been able to increase the popularity of its Google TV in spite of its attractive features. As another step towards increasing Google TVs popularity, a set up box is being developed by a company called Honeywld technology. The noteworthy feature of this set top box is its capability to stream media from Android based devices (read smartphones and tablets). This is similar to the Airplay feature from Apple, where mobile users can send pictures and video, and it will appear on your television screen after being routed through the Google TV hardware.

Third Party Application Interface should be installed for Streaming

Android users who wish to stream the data from their mobile devices using the Google TV hardware should install an app that enables them to do that. This app will be similar to your other Android market apps. Using this, you can send the videos and pictures stored in your mobile device to the Google TV hardware. That will use the display hardware (your television set) to display those images.

Although the company has not included details about syncing music , it is expected that music from your Android device can be played on your television. After all, the number of channels required for transmission of video is much more than what is required to transfer audio files. So, it is assumed that the app can use the same channel while syncing music also.

Set-Top Box to Be Powered by Android ICS

The new set top box from Honeywld technology for the Google TV will be powered by the Android (4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich version. An interesting aspect that was noticed in this new Google TV hardware was the processor chips that are used. Instead of the Intel chips, this hardware employs Marvell ARM Cortex-A9 Dual-Core processor. This gives the new set top box an advantage in terms of pricing. The main complaint of the consumers was that the Google TV hardware was too costly compared to similar products on the market. The ARM processors will significantly reduce the overall cost of the unit.

Other than that, the new Google TV hardware from Honeywld technology will also feature 1GB of RAM. The RAM is essential during live streaming and it remains to be seen if 1GB will suffice while streaming HD videos. Coming to the connectivity part, the device has HDMI and micro SD input slots also. To speed up the ARM processor, an internal Flash memory of 4GB is also added to the set top box. Users also have the option of connecting to the internet using the Ethernet cable or the Wi-Fi network of their homes.

Other Features of the Set Top Box

Along with streaming videos and pictures, you can access Google’s many other services like Picasa and YouTube through the set top box. There is a custom application which acts as a web browser in case you fancy browsing the web using your TV. Also, the device will feature a media player to play any of the media that will be stored in the device’s memory.

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