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WD TV Media Player

New Features for WD TV Media Player


If you own a Live TV or a Live Hub streaming media player form Western Digital, the array of features on offer just got better. One such feature allows you to watch live action and also play back recorded action using the latest SlingPlayer app. If you find your favorite movie streaming and want to record it to watch it again, you can do so using VUDU. It will save the movies in HD quality to the internal memory present on your WD TV Live Hub.

Multiple Options

The WD TV media player has increased its capabilities with the host of new announced features. It can also play videos, music and display a slide show of your favorite photographs. It supports a wide range of image and video formats, enabling you to view content from every possible source.

With respect to content, you now have multiple streaming options. You can access content from your Mac computer or a networked PC in your home. You can also access the ‘My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage’ from WD in case you need more flexibility in adding content to your personal database. And it does not end there. You can view media from an USB drive, a handycam/camcorder or a digital camera too.

WD also has a photo app that allows you to share pictures remotely. The photo app is available for iPad, Android and iPhone users. Shared photos can be easily played using the application and they can be stored in the internal memory of your hub as well.

Movie Streaming Options

You can now download your favorite movies, if available, directly to your WD TV Live Hub. You do not have to worry even if the movie is in HD quality. The new 1TB hard disk which comes with your WD TV Live Hub has the capability of saving and playing HD content purchased via VUDU. This includes the HDX format, a high-quality, full HD, 1080p video format with 7.1 channel rich Dolby Digital Plus audio.

Other New Services Available

AOL On Network: This service is primarily available in the US. You can access content form the AOL On Network. It features HD content on lifestyle, celebrity, entertainment and lifestyle. It also has videos from some of the top players like The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Moviefone and Engadget.

Red Bull TV: This is a unique portal offering only programs from the world of Red Bull in full HD. You can access all the shows of Red Bull and media content from its website, This service is available worldwide.

Acetrax Movies: This service is available only in UK, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Ireland and Austria. It is exclusively available only on WD TV Live. You can watch the latest blockbuster movies and movies from major Hollywood studios.

ABC iview: Available only in Australia, it is one of the most sought after service for catching up with TV shows. It is run by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). You can catch up with shows of various ABC channels from two weeks before.

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