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MovieNite Plus: The Latest Home Entertainment System from D-Link


Many people dream of owning the ultimate entertainment system that offers multiple features at the click of a button. D-Link has taken a step in that path with its new MovieNite Plus. Code named the DSM-312, this device gives consumers an opportunity to stream media and pictures on their TV directly from different sources. It also has capability of sourcing pictures from many online accounts and social networking sites. You never have to worry about plugging your Flash drive into the USB port of your TV to view pictures if you own the MovieNite Plus by D-Link.

An Overview of MovieNite Plus’ Capabilities

The MovieNite Plus has attempted to stand by its name and offers features which can convert a boring night at home into a movie night. It can stream videos from various sources such as YouTube, Facebook, VUDU, Netflix, as well as Hulu Plus down the road. You can watch different videos from these sites, stream movies, catch up on the latest TV flicks and even record them.

The MovieNite Plus also has the capability to convert your TV into a digital stroll down the memory lane with your favorite photographs, though a Picasa account is needed for that. If you do, you can watch all the photographs on your Picasa account in intricately detailed Hi Def quality.

For the TV lovers, the MovieNite Plus has over 130 channels to indulge in. If you are looking for a bit of interactive entertainment, there are an endless number of apps to keep you occupied. The MovieNite Plus is a complete package and offers something for everyone in the family.

Easy To Use

If you think that this device will be complicated to use because of the array of features on offer, you are wrong. This media player is as simple as it gets. The 3-step setup procedure for this device could not have been simpler. It is equipped with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity option to connect it to your home internet network.

If you have a TV capable of 1080p quality display, you have the HDMI cable to hook up the MovieNite Plus to it. The composite video/audio connection will enable you to convert even the humble analog TV set into a smart TV.

The set up drill is simple. Unpack the contents of the package and find a suitable place for the box. Plug in the power cord into the power outlet and connect the display and audio channels to the television. When you switch it on for the first time, an on-screen menu will appear to help you in completing the set up process.


Using the MovieNite Plus is also as uncomplicated as the set up process. The device can be controlled using a remote control, which has clear markings about the function of each key. Furthermore, a single press of a button will help you in accessing YouTube, Netflix, Pandora or VUDU. The navigation between different media is also very smooth. You also have access to a mydlink enabled Cloud Camera facility, using which you can monitor your home, kids or pets.

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