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Media Link HD from HTC


The camera is probably the best feature on the HTC One and the company has taken the right step in making buyers opt for it by providing them with a wireless streaming device, the Media Link HD. This small device, which can easily fit in your palm, wirelessly streams media from your phone to your television. The best part is that you can also perform other mobile tasks at the same time. But is it a worthy gadget? Let us find out.

The Build

The Media Link HD is a small device which can be easily carried around in your pocket. Since it is a mobile accessory, this size is good. Full marks to designers at HTC for making this device compact. It is smaller than even a credit card but a little thicker compared to the One X. Its exact dimensions are 84 X 52 X 12.2 mm. In terms of visual appeal, it is not an eye candy. That doesn’t mean that it is an eyesore either.

You get a standalone reset button for the entire device. It features an HDMI port and a Micro-USB charger port for charging the device. Overall, the build and design is clutter free and minimalistic.

Employs HDMI Screen Mirroring

The Media Link HD features HDMI screen mirroring. So whatever you see on your mobile screen is displayed on your display unit to which you have coupled the Media Link HD, while using third party apps. This is a minor drawback, considering the array of possibilities if multi-tasking is allowed. Take the example of an office presentation. You could have given a presentation to whomsoever it may concern while accessing and reading from the notes on your mobile device.

This is expected to change soon with a new API being released form HTC. The API is expected to take full benefit of the dual screen functionality. With it, you can update your Facebook page or post a tweet when you are streaming movies from NetFlix.

However, when you are streaming a movie or a video stored on the memory of your mobile device, you will have the dual screen functionality. That is, you can watch the media the same time you are using the phone to perform other tasks.

The Initial Setup

You can connect to your Media Link HD in a couple of ways. You can either connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or create and connect to an independent peer-to-peer network. This method is advised if there is too much interference in the WI-Fi network.

Connecting is as simple as it gets. Once you are connected, slide three fingers up the screen of your mobile device. The connection will take half a minute to be verified. The verification can be witnessed by the automatic transition of your mobile screen from portrait to landscape mode.

In case there are multiple mobile devices in the room, an initial setup has to be done only once. You can disconnect by sliding three fingers down the screen of your device and the other device can be connected in the same way mentioned above.

The Media Link HD is a worthy buy considering its wireless capabilities which will remotely allow you to use your mobile using the TV screen.

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