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Google TV To get New Streaming Media Player from Sony


Google TV is going to get a new accessory in the form of Sony streaming media device soon. One of the first media companies to adopt Google TV, Sony had recently announced that it would be launching the NSZ-GS7, the second set-top box  to support the Google TV platform. The streaming media player is priced less than a couple of hundred dollars and will be available in the market from July. Google TV has not been able to make a good impression on users, and this media player is an attempt to change it. Soon, Sony also plans to release the NSZ-GP9, a  Blu-ray player for Google TV, which will have voice-control abilities.

The Sleek, Slim Sony NSZ-GS7

One of the first things that strikes you about the NSZ-GS7 is its sleek appearance. The new media player is much better than the earlier Google TV box from Sony, the NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray player. While the NSZ-GS7 is not really a Blu-ray player, it is being considered as the successor of  Logitech Revue, the first Google-TV box. The device has a glossy black color, but has no buttons for control. The back of the device has 2 USB ports, HDMI in/out ports, and one IR blaster port. It also has built-in WI-Fi and an external Ethernet jack.

The slim set-top box for Google TV is accompanied by a remote, which steals the show. The remote is two-sided and has an improved touch-pad on one side and a complete QWERTY keyboard on another. Compared to the large-sized keyboard that the Revue came with, the keyboard of the Sony media player is smaller and much better. But it is rather geeky, and not something that can be used by just anyone.

This remote can be used to search for content on the Google TV platform and also has a motion control feature for gaming. While it much complicated than many other set-top box remotes, it is the simplest one designed for Google TV so far.

Software Continues to Disappoint

Ever since Google TV has been launched, a number of companies including LG and Sony have developed accessories to enhance the user-experience. A year after it launched the TV platform, Google upgraded the software aspects to enhance the search options, streamline the interface and provide easy access to the android market, Google Play. However, the Google TV software continues to disappoint users for the same reasons it did in the past. For one, the platform still does not  have any dedicated apps for accessing online streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, or even Google’s in-house movie rental service.

Even today, major channels like NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, MTV and Comedy Central do not allow the software to stream their services through the browser. While the hardware is becoming simpler and more efficient, the Google TV software is still as difficult and inconvenient to use. Unless Google takes the necessary steps to make these changes that users demand, Google TV may not be as successful as it is expected to be.

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