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Blu-Ray Player

Sony’s 4K Upscaling Blu-Ray Player – BDP S790


Blu-Ray PlayerSony BDP-S790 has been one of the most anticipated Blu-Ray players for a long time. The primary selling point of the player is that it can upscale videos to 4K, though this is not the only good feature about this Blu-ray player. It supports digital services provided by Sony Entertainment Network and various other providers like UltraViolet streaming service. The device’s 4K upscaling feature allows you to have high quality playback in not just 2D but 3D format as well.

How does it work?

You should keep in mind that the player does not play 4K discs or content. The simple reason for this is there is no 4K content available as of now. The player actually upscales 1080p content to 4K and then sends it to the receiver, 4K HDTV, or a 4K projector. Some people might wonder why they should take a player when 4K displays already upscale the video. The problem is that there are very few 4K displays in the market and it is obvious that quality of upscaling would be different in different players.

The player has dual HDMI outs and it can be used in the AV separation mode. In this mode, HDMI 1 goes to the display and HDMI 2 sends the audio to the receiver.

Image quality

There are different options available for adjusting the image quality. There is ‘texture master’ for adjusting the details and sharpness of the edges. ‘Super resolution‘ can be used for improving the resolution and the ‘smoothing’ feature reduces the banding on screen by smoothing the gradation on flat regions. ‘Clear black’ and ‘contrast master’ are two other useful features.

Connectivity and apps

The BDP S790 is not only a good home theater system but it offers various other features as well. It has built in Wi-fi which can be used for connecting to you home network. You can use services like Netflix, Slacker, Pandora, UltraViolet and Vudu to stream content. Like most other players today, it also comes with social apps for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also enjoy video calls and conferences with your friends as it also has built-in Skype. You can connect it to your PC to view videos and photos. There are two USB ports which allow you to play movies or music directly from a memory stick, external hard disk or PC.

Other features

There are numerous other small features added to the player. For instance, you have the options of ‘throwing’ a web page that you are looking at to your smartphone or tablet. You can then throw it back to your TV screen. The player also allows you to get detailed information about the song or a movie at the touch of a button. The Quickstart feature also works very well and there is almost no loading time.

The BDP S790 is one of the very few players that upscales to 4K and probably one of the best out there. For those looking to try out this player, it is already being offered online and will be available in retail stores from May 6, 2012.

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