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HSI April 18 11

Sony Introduces SMP N200 Streaming Media Player


Sony recently introduced its second generation SMP media player called SMP N200. The company, which had been successful with the SMP 100 media player earlier, aims to bring the power of streaming media to older TVs, and turn them into Smart TVs at a reasonable cost. This means you don’t have to shell out a huge amount for buying Smart TVs for streaming videos from popular streaming video services like YouTube, Netflix or Pandora. The SMPN200 is already out in the market and is being sold at an extremely competitive price.

Features of the SMP N200

The SMP N200 is Ethernet and Wi-fi enabled, which means you don’t have to worry about cable connectivity to stream videos of your choice. The media player allows you to stream movies and videos from the internet in HD and 3D through its connectivity options. It also has a USB port, so that you can watch your favorite videos or photos and even listen to music by just plugging the USB device to the player. Here are some other features of the media player.

  • The HDMI6 and the component and composite AV outputs of the device allow you to stream data on your television, whether or not it is ‘smart’.
  • You can also connect the player to your home network through wi-fi, and stream data from all devices connected to it, without the hassles of using cables.
  • The SMPN200 has a unique feature called Socialize, which allows you to post messages on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Using this feature, sharing details about your favorite video and audio on the internet is very easy.
  • The I/P Noise Reduction feature of this Sony media player enables you to view sharp and clear pictures on your HDTV
  • Through this device, you can connect the Sony Homeshare network speakers to stream and listen to your favorite audio and music from anywhere in the house. The system uses its wi-fi connectivity to stream your favorite MP3 and other audio files from your computer or from sites like Slacker and Pandora.
  • The SMPN200 also lets you share your content from DLNA compatible devices on your home network. However, audio files in the MKV and AAC formats are not supported.

It also has a web browser that allows you to find content and images online. For easy access and operation of the device, Sony also offers remote control apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Access to extensive online content

The Sony SMP N200 can provide access to over 35 channels on the internet including Amazon on Demand, Hulu Plus, Crackle,, Video Unlimited and more. The streaming apps, which the player is equipped with, automatically upgrade to list the latest videos on the channel. Specialty channels like Epicurious, Golf Link, Flixster, Music Unlimited etc can also be accessed with the device.

Installation and setup of the SMP N200 is very easy. Once it is connected to your TV or HD enabled monitor, using it is even easier with the tree-structured menu system.

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