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Pioneer Releases the VSX-60 for its AV Receiver Series


Pioneer has expanded its AV receiver series by adding the VSX-60. The VSX-60 is a 7.1 channel AV receiver that is network ready and provides 560 watts of audio reproduction. The connectivity options of the device are good enough for the latest HD home theatre devices and allow you to view 1080p videos from any source. Thumb drives, specific Android devices, Tablets, and PCs are some of the sources that can be used with VSX-60.

Pioneer is one of the few companies that now offer complete compatibility with the Apple product line. The design of the device is such that it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and the iPod. There is a USB port in the front panel and you get a video/USB cable as well. You can use this for accessing all your videos, music photos, and streaming content without using a separate dock. Those who want high quality audio experience will be pleased to know that the USB port also supports uncompressed FLAC and WAV music files


To ensure that you do not have to use docks or cables, VSX-60 uses AirPlay. All you need to do is connect the receiver to your home network and you will be able to connect it with another networked computer or any Apple device that is on the network. This means that when you leave your car and enter your house, you just have to select VSX-60 on the AirPlay app on your iPhone, and you can continue listening to the songs. Essentially, your iTunes music library is no longer restricted to a single device.

High quality sound control

When you watch a high definition movie, you will want the sound to be of the highest quality. VSX-60 supports DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD to ensure that you have the best sound experience. For tuning the device, Pioneer provides a Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) system. This system will provide a listening experience that is customized and calibrated according to the size of the room, as it takes into account the distance of the speakers from the receiver.

Pioneer also uses the PQLS technology for eliminating distortion which is caused during conversion. This technology allows the VSX-60 to use a high precision clock, which adjusts the rate of transmission of bitstream from a Blu-ray player.

Various speaker modes and AV enhancement technologies

The VSX-60 has four speaker modes which can be used for different purposes. There is the ‘virtual depth’ mode which is supposed to be used while watching 3D movies. There is the ‘virtual height’ feature which makes the sound come from above the main speakers and should be used while gaming. Then you have the ‘virtual wide’ mode, which melds your front and back speakers. And the last mode, called ‘virtual surround back, allows you to replace the back speakers so that you can biamp the front speakers.

The VSX-60 has an optional Bluetooth adapter and this allows you to enjoy your music without connecting to the home network. It also has a HDMI input in the front and comes with various audio and video enhancement technologies like Advanced Video Adjust and Stream Smoother.

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