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HSI 1 26 April

NimbleTV – TV Everywhere You Go


Many cable providers have talked about providing TV services to users irrespective of their location, but very little has been done so far. However, a start-up company based in New York might change this. NimbleTV, which has the backing of Tribeca Venture Partners and Greycroft Partners along with the Tribune Company, will offer users a platform for watching online TV. The company will launch the beta service  soon, which will allow users to stream their normal TV subscription service from anywhere they want to.

How will it work?

The service would be pretty similar to Slingbox or a DVR but without any boxes. NimbleTV would work with TV providers to offer this service. You will pay your usual subscription fees plus some charges to NimbleTV for providing the service. After that, you will be able to use the streaming software by NimbleTV to stream all your channels. Social recommendation tools and unlimited DVR storage will also be available to users of this service.

The service will start out in New York first, but there have been no announcements regarding the TV providers that NimbleTV has signed up with. During the beta phase, the service will provide about 25 channels which will be paid for by the company. More channels will be added gradually. Users will be able to sign up for the service using NimbleTV’s software and the exact price will be revealed at the public launch, which is expected to take place this summer. Customers will have to make direct payments to the cable service providers and NimbleTV will act as the payment service.


The social features present in NimbleTV will allow users to keep track of what their friends are watching on TV. Essentially, NimbleTV is merging online and linear content because that is how users like to experience TV in the present day world. They will be able to have a social connection revolving around the shows they like the most. The simplicity factor also plays an important role as users will not have to worry about additional equipment and set top boxes.

Possible lawsuit

Different companies have tried streaming TV channel content everywhere but have met with limited success. Time Warner and Cablevision allow users to access the channels on different devices but they can be accessed only at home. Xfinity Streampix was a service launched by Comcast, which provides additional library content to users who opt for its high-end packages. Go app by HBO allows users to access HBO content through their mobiles. However none of them provide the entire TV package. The main reason for this is that companies offering such services stand a chance facing a lawsuit on providing the entire TV package.

Aereo launched similar services in New York in February 2012 but had to face lawsuits from broadcasters. NimbleTV believes that by not breaking the relationship between the customer and cable TV provider, they will avoid lawsuits.

Anand Subramanian, the CEO of NimbleTV, said that the main goal of the product is to ensure that users can access their TV wherever they are. He also added that NimbleTV is a service that is not only consumer friendly but industry friendly as well.

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