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HSI April 18 2

Dune Announces Launch of HDTV 301 at NAB 2012


Dune HD TV-301Dune HD GmbH, which is known to offer top notch digital media players, recently announced it would the launch of its new media player, called Dune HD TV-301. At the NAB Show 2012, the company revealed that this media player is under production and will soon be shipped to systems providers and other sellers across the world. The NAB Show attracts professionals from the media and entertainment industry, who focus on creating and delivering next-generation technology for improved digital content delivery.

The Dune HDTV-301 is an IPTV-ready set-to-box that enables VOD (video on demand), OTT (over the top) video and IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) service providers to deliver their digital TV programs in HD and standard resolutions. Soon, Dune HD TV-301 media players will be shipped globally.

Dune HDTV-301 specs

The HD TV-301 from Dune is a compact digital media player and can be used to play both standard and high definition videos on your TV. The player can also be used as a specialized set-top-box for streaming internet TV programs, videos on demand and other specialty content from the internet in full HD. In addition to that, the HD TV-301 also supports playback and recording of IPTV streams, if possible. Here are a few specifications of this new device from Dune.

  • The Dune HD TV-301 is equipped with an HDMI 1.3 port, USB 3.0 ports, high resolution audio, 1080 output with upscaling options for SD or DVD content, customizable UI for easy management of data and options for creating your own playlists.
  • The device can be connected to stream IPTV, VOD and OTT content. It can also be connected to DNLA and DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) through external USB devices.
  • Supports multiple sources of media including PCs through Wi-fi and storage devices like HDDs, SD cards and USB flash devices that can be directly connected to it.
  • Uses the SMP8670 Secure Media Processors from Sigma Designs to deliver high quality video and audio playback.
  • Connect to internet radio stations to playback and record audio content online
  • Allows download of files from P2P networks using the built-in BitTorrent client in the device

The device also uses the Dune Network Playback Accelerator can for smooth streaming of content via network protocols like SMB and NFS. It also supports multiple DRMs such as Secure Media, Flash Access PlayReady, Microsoft DRM10 etc.

Partnership with Nordija

At the recent NAB Show, Dune also revealed that it would be partnering with Nordija, which is a well-known IPT and VOD service provider, to offer advanced interactive Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) services through its new line of streaming media players. By integrating its media players and Nordija’s fokusOn middleware, Dune aims at offering quick and cost-effective solutions to deliver sophisticated interactive IPTV services for users.

The middleware, fokusOn, brings together the extent of the internet and popularity of linear television so that people can enjoy their favorite TV programs using a perceptive program guide. To put it simply, the middleware will give the Dune media players better OTT, IPTV and VOD functionalities.

If you’re in the market for a new online streaming device, the Dune HD TV-301 just might be what you’re after!

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