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D-Link MovieNite DSM-310: A Movie Streaming Device for the Masses


On April 10, 2012, D-Link revealed the MovieNite, which is supposed to be a movie streaming device. The device is extremely cheap and can handle wireless connections and 1080p videos. D-Link announced that the MovieNite DSM-310 will only be sold by Walmart. The device supports 10/100 ethernet, 802.11n, HDMI output and standard audio/video component cables.


MovieNite will allow users to connect to four services namely – the movie subscription service by Netflix, individual movie rental service offered by Walmart called Vudu, Pandora and YouTube. The device also comes with a small remote that has a separate button for each of the mentioned services. This might mean that no new services will be added in the future, but that is only a speculation. When a D-link spokeswoman was questioned regarding this, she replied that no updates are planned for now.

Another important feature of the device is that users will be able to see the output from cameras that are connected to the ‘mydlink’ network. Also, it will be possible to view the photos using the Picasa app that comes pre-installed with the player. You also have a MovieNite app which enables you to use an iPhone or an Android smartphone as a remote control.

Competitors for MovieNite

The main competitors of MovieNite will be the Roku 2 LT and Roku 2 XD, which are two very low priced streaming boxes offered by Roku. The Roku 2 LT is slightly cheaper than MovieNite but allows you to play only 720p videos. The Roku 2 XD is capable of 1080p video play but is more expensive than MovieNite. Roku also offers an HD streaming box which comes at pretty much the same price as MovieNite. The streaming box has the same capabilities as Roku 2 LT but has memory card slots and supports Bluetooth. Both these technologies are not present in MovieNite.

The Director of Consumer Products for D-Link, Ken Loyd, said that the main goal of introducing MovieNite is to provide a user-friendly and unique experience to customers. He added that MovieNite gels with other media player solutions offered by D-link and allows customers to watch high quality content at a minimal price. He also commented on their deal with Walmart, saying that it allows customers to stream DVDs the same day they come out by using the VUDU service.

MovieNite and Boxee Box

D-Link had launched a similar device called Boxee Box a couple of years back. It offered Vudu and Netflix and allowed users to stream local content. However, that device was about three times as expensive as the MovieNite box. A spokeswoman from D-Link said that the two devices do not compete against each other. She added that Boxee Box offers a complete array of web-to-TV solutions. It is meant for those users who want various web TV services along with broadcast TV, internet video, and local streaming. MovieNite is meant for easy access to music, movies and photos at a lower price.

D-Link has revealed that certain units of MovieNite have had issues while streaming from Netflix and Pandora. On facing such issues, the device should be updated by connecting to the web and then restarted, according to D-Link.

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  1. Eric Roos
    Eric Roos04-15-2012

    The only Real advantage the D-Link MovieNight has over the Roku LT and HD is the 1080p streaming and the Ethernet option. Only the Roku XS has a Ethernet port as well as wireless. However being limited to right now to just Netflix, Vudu, Pandora and Youtube compared to Roku's 400+ channels will likely hurt sales of the D-link MovieNight. If you just want the basics then The D-Link MovieNight is a great price for having 1080p streaming ( $48 with free shipping to your local Walmalt). Personally I think that if the main selling point is 1080p streaming for less money, then why have AV input for older non HDTV'S. You would be happier just getting the Roku LT for the same price and have access to more content if you have an older TV and picture quality doesn't matter to you.

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