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Zotac Zbox Nano Id61 Plus 011

ZBOX Mini PCs Launched by Zotac


Zotac, the computer hardware manufacturer, famous for their Nvidia based graphics cards released three new ZBOX mini PCs. The launch came at CeBit 2012 that took place in Hannover Germany.  All the devices announced by Zotac are small form factor computers and one of the PCs also comes with a Blu-Ray optical drive.

The three new models are ZBOX ID61, ZBOX ID82, and ZBOX Blu-Ray AD05. Apart from this, the company also gives you ‘PLUS’ versions of these computers which come with 2 GB RAM and 320 GB hard disk along with the hardware package. Marketing director for Zotac, Carsten Berger, said that Zotac is constantly trying to improve the small form factor and the new Core i3 Sandy Bridge processor by Intel has helped them considerably in improving their performance.


ZBOX Blu-Ray AD05 is a PC with small form factor and utilizes AMD hardware for both
the processor as well as GPU. The processor used is E-450 APU and integrated with it is a Radeon 6320 GPU. The extra power becomes necessary to provide users with a smooth Blu-Ray playback. The device also holds a 4x Blu-Ray Reader that can also be utilized as an 8x DVD writer. There is support for 2.5″ SATA hard-disk and a couple of DDR-3 SO -DIMM slots. When it comes to connections, the mini PC boasts of two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a DVI, a USB 2.0, and an eSATA/ USB 2.0 combo port.

A great feature about ZOTAC AD05 is that it is also bundled with ZOTAC Media Remote along with an USB IR receiver. This helps you simplifying your control of the AD05 when you use it with media centre applications like OpenELEC and Microsoft Media Center. Mr. Berger also added that now day’s users prefer watching movies in the Blu-Ray format, as it delivers the best quality content. The AD05 allows them to watch these Blu-Ray movies, stream content over the internet, and download content, all through a mini PC that supports work as well as gaming.


When it comes to size, the ID61 is the smallest amongst the three PCs that have been launched. It also extends the Nano form factor series of the company.  The device is powered by a Celeron 867 processor from Intel and has one DDR-3 SO DIMM slot. It also comes with a multimedia card reader. The connectivity features are pretty much the same as AD05, but the ID61 does not have a DVI output and has a displayport output. The ID61 also has an addition USB 2.0 port compared to AD05.


The ID82 is the latest amongst the ZBOX PCs. This device s slightly bigger compared to the ID61 but has a lot more power to boot as well. It is powered by a Core i3 2330 Intel Sandy bridge processor. The processor is a 2.2 GHz dual core chip that is also equipped with hyper-threading technology which gives it four virtual cores. Connectivity features are pretty much the same as ID61 with the displayport giving way to DVI-I.

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