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Warpia Stream HD


Nobody likes a living room that is cluttered with wires. So Warpia has come up with StreamEZ, which helps in eliminating wires from your HD streaming setup. Users will be able to connect this device to any other device that has an HDMI port and stream audio or video content. PC and laptop users can view content like videos, movies, photos, and presentations in full HD (1080p, 1920 x 1280), by streaming them to a Smart TV. In addition to that, content from sources like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube can also be viewed very easily. Those who like to multi task will not be disappointed either. Warpia StreamEZ allows you to surf on web or do other activities on your laptop while streaming the content.

How it works

The components of StreamEZ include two USB dongles, power supply cord, HDMI cord, and the main unit. The device is connected to your laptop via a USB dongle. This dongle transmits wireless signals to another dongle that is connected to the main unit. This unit is connected to your television screen through an HDMI cable. To make it work, you need to use the driver disk that comes with the device to install all the required drivers on your laptop.

Features of the media player

The base unit comes with various features. Apart from the HDMI output, there is an S/PDIF connector for 5.1 surround sound. There is also a 3.5mm jack for stereo output. The device can work in the mirror mode (what is on your laptop will be on your screen) and it can also work in the extended mode (TV will be the second screen). The device will work up to a range of 30 feet and has 128-bit AES security. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP3.


When you are running this device with Windows XP, you must have an Intel Core2 DUO 1.8 GHz processor accompanied by 1GB of RAM to run 720p videos. If you want to run 1080p videos then you should have a 2.4 GHz Core2 Duo processor along with 2GB of RAM. Intel ATOM 1.6 GHz with 512 MB RAM would be sufficient for office use and pictures. The same specifications will work for Widows Vista and 7, but keep in mind that Windows Vista Starter and Windows 7 Starter editions are not supported.

Using the device

This device gives you a great deal of control over what you are watching. The main benefit is that you do not have to broadcast what is being displayed on your computer screen. So you can stream a movie from your laptop, even when you are working on something else. However, there is one limitation to this device and that is the USB dongles. You must ensure that these dongles are in line of sight of each other. Also, after a distance of 30 feet the video quality will start deteriorating. The device does not support any  (Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which hampers the video quality and takes a heavy toll on your laptop’s battery life. If you do not have issues with these drawbacks, then the StreamEZ is a great device for HD streaming.

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