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Apple’s 3rd Generation TV with 1080p Programming


The latest version of Apple TV enables users to stream high definition iTunes TV shows and films, photos, videos, Netflix and more. Cloud based iTunes store allows users to buy their favorite shows and movies, and watch them instantaneously on their HDTV. The new version of TV sports a more refined and simpler interface. This further facilitates the purchase of music, shows and movies with iCloud’s Match. AirPlay makes its possible for users to mirror or stream their favorite content from iPhone 4S or iPad to the TV.

Instant access with iCloud

Buying and watching movies has never been easier. iCloud enables you to purchase shows and movies from your Apple TV and watch them on any device like PC, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or iPhone. iCloud not only stores images, but also pushes them to a variety of devices including Apple TV wirelessly. Regardless of the device being used, you have instantaneous and easy access to all your content with iCloud.

AirPlay for wireless streaming

With AirPlay it is possible for users to stream images, music, videos and more from devices like iPod touch, iPad and iPhone to theirHDTV. AirPlay Mirroring enables users to display the screen of their iPad or iPhone 4S directly on the HD TV. This makes streaming games, spreadsheets and web pages very easy.

Key benefits

The new Apple TV allows you to enjoy iTunes photo, music and video libraries from your PC on your high definition TV. With iCloud you can transfer the content on other devices like iPod touch, iPad and iPhone to the TV. It is possible to play the complete songs library, including the music imported from CDs, from iCloud with iTunes Match. The remote app is available at the App Store free of cost. This allows you to control Apple TV with iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

The choice of programming available to Apple TV users is huge. This includes more than 90,000 TV show episodes and above 15,000 movies on iTunes. Users can also access online content from YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo, streaming catalog of Netflix and live sports from NBA,NHLand MLB.

As far as looks are concerned, the third generation Apple TV is a replica of its predecessor. The biggest hardware change lies inside. Unlike iPad 2 and Apple TV 2, which featured Apple A4 chip, the new version features a single core A5 chip. Coming to the software, there is a brand new interface. The textual menus have been replaced by buttons that resemble iOS. The TV also features a Genius feature, which can recommend movies based on the ones you have already seen.

Although Apple continues to call its television a hobby, the company has invested significant resources into it over the last few years. The second version was a major step up from the first Apple TV with many software improvements. The latest upgrade goes one step further. It converts the television from a plain streaming device into a massive iPad.

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