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DISH Hopper 2012

A Look at Dish Network Hopper


Dish Network introduced a brand new High Definition DVR system for the whole house at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The system is based on a kangaroo theme and named Hopper. The Dish Hopper DVR features a 2TB drive and is capable of recording as many as six programs at a time. The system pushes the content to supplementary Joey boxes.



According to Joe Clayto, the CEO of Dish, rural consumers will find the new service most useful as currently they are either stuck with average DSL service or do not have broadband access. Unlike other DVR systems in the market having limited sharing abilities, the new system offers capability to manage DVR from as many as 4 rooms.

Overview of Dish Hopper

Dish Hopper has been designed as the focal point for home entertainment. The ‘Joeys’ accompanying the Hopper can be connected with three other televisions. This means that totally four televisions (together with the Hopper) will have access to a single central DVR library with a storage capacity of more than 2000 shows. This is almost four times the capacity offered by equivalent cable offerings.

Now the members of your family need not record their favorite shows on different DVR systems from different rooms. With Hopper you can record, fast forward, rewind and pause a show from any room. You can start watching a show in the living room and end it in the bedroom. The Dish Hopper Joey is conveniently sized and can be easily placed behind a television. All the TVs connected to the Dish Hopper via Dish Hopper Joeys can display different shows, meaning that everyone in the family gets to watch their favorite show.

The ‘Prime Time Anytime’ feature

Dish Network Hopper comes with a new feature called ‘Prime Time Anytime’, which enables automated recording of four major channels (for example CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC) in the prime hours. Enabling the feature provides ‘on demand’ access to all the prime time shows on these networks for up to eight days. The feature eliminates the need to set up the DVR for primetime show recording. You can also save the content recorded through this feature permanently in the DVR library.

Even while the feature is active, the Hopper allows you simultaneously record 2 more shows. This means you can record as many as six shows at a time. At this time none of the other satellite products offer such capability.

Dish Hopper highlights

  • Compared to other 4 room installation models, Hopper boasts of 50% more energy savings.
  • 3 satellite television tuners (2 for users and 1 for Prime Time Anytime feature).
  • Broadcom satellite television processor with the speed of 750 Mhz (the fastest in the market according to Dish).
  • Completely redesigned HD user interface. The brand new interface is tile based and easy to use. It features predictive search.
  • Bluetooth capability for connecting with wireless headphones and similar devices.
  • 2 thousand hours storage capability on 2 terabyte hard-drive. This includes about 1000 hours worth SD DVR recording or 250 hours worth high definition recording.
  • Usual RF4CE Zigbee remote control featuring ‘remote finder’ alert.

You can read up more on the Dish Network Hopper as well as order it through FHTM Marketing at High Tech Fortunes.


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  1. Emery

    The Hopper is absolutely one of the best receivers I’ve had from any satellite or cable provider in a very long time! I love that it’s finally a whole-home solution from DISH and that I don’t have to worry about getting HD hooked up to all the rooms in my house any more. My husband and I also really enjoy the PrimeTime Anytime feature and love that there are no more recording conflicts, when it comes down to recording all of our favorites on those four big networks. I was excited about this system after first hearing about it working at DISH, so now that I have one I can honestly say I am one happy customer! :)

  2. anon

    I do agree the Hopper is an amazing DVR, I love being able to record all the primetime shows especially if I am at night school or working late at Dish. It sure comes in handy, now that the new Auto Hop feature is out, you can skip through commercials in primetime TV. I can get right back to my programs without an interruption!

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