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LG GoogleTV

LG Launches Google TV at CES 2012


LG announced the launch of its Google TV at the recent CES 2012, which took place between 10th and 13th January. One of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics including TVs, LG had collaborated with Google to provide hardware for the search engine giant’s Google TV software. Previously, Google had partnered with Sony, Samsung and Vizio for its TV, with Sony and Vizio already launching their Google TV products in the market. The new HDTV that LG is launching for Google TV would come equipped with exciting features including a custom user interface.

LG Google TV Features

LG’s Google TV is a combination of the popular Smart TV and 3D technology from LG and the easy-to-use Android operating system, which makes it an attractive option for home entertainment. By integrating the best technologies, LG aims at providing consumers an exciting new way of enjoying internet TV. Not only is the HDTV option thrilling, it is also very convenient, as it is powered with the Android interface that many users are familiar with.

LG had features two TV sets, as possible hardware to support the Google TV software. One is a 55 inch OLED and the other is a bigger 84 inch LCD TV. The manufacturer claims that the 55 inch TV has the lightest and the thinnest panel for a TV of that size – the panel is just 4 mm thick, and weighs no more than 3.5 KG. It offers 1920X1080 Full HD resolution along with excellent color, contrast and brightness options owing to the OLED technology.

The 84 inch LCD TV, on the other hand, offers Double HD with 4k resolution, giving you a great deal of detail, with top-quality color, contrast and brightness of picture. However, the 84 inch LCD is not the thinnest or the lightest for its size, given that it comes attached with a separate backlight.

CINEMA 3D Technology

The LG Google TV will be equipped with its in-house CINEMA 3D technology. As the name goes, the CINEMA 3D technology will allow you to watch 2D content in 3D with just a click of the remote. To enjoy this technology, you need to use the 3D glasses that are designed based on LG’s FPR or Film Patterned Retarder technology. These glasses are lightweight, battery-free and inexpensive too.

With this technology, LG’s Google TV promises an absorbing, yet simple and comfortable home entertainment experience.

Magic Remote and NetCast

Another very interesting feature of the LG Google TV is the Magic Remote Qwerty, which uses voice and gesture control technology. As the name says it, the remote also has a QWERTY keyboard on one side, with TV controls on the other.

Besides the Google TV, LG has also announced that it plans to develop its Smart TV platform on NetCast with the help of open web technologies like Linux and Webkit browser. The company plans to launch its Smart TVs with NetCast in around 85 countries. Rumor has it that LG is also working with Google to launch a Nexus TV sometime in the coming year.

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