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Latest Media Players to Add More to the Digital Living Room


Entertainment is one of the many things that the internet offers today. Bringing that entertainment, and other content, from the World Wide Web to your living room are the latest streaming media players in the market. Recently, Western Digital and Netgear have launched their latest streaming media players, which can stream internet content even to your not-so-smart, old television set. That’s right. With the WD TV Live from Western Digital and the NeoTV Streaming Player from Netgear, consumers won’t have to ditch their old TVs for the latest internet-friendly TVs anymore. 

WD TV Live 

Western Digital’s WD TV Live is a media player that is very easy to use. This media player allows you to stream internet content including movies, music etc to your existing TV. In addition to that, this device also allows you to connect your TV to your local network, and stream all the content stored in your laptop or computer. The WD TV Live box also has a USB port, which you can use to connect your flash drive and access pictures, video and audio without hassles. The box is just 125 mm wide, 100 mm deep and 30 mm in height, which makes it smaller than a stack of 3 CD cases. 

This device, once connected to your television, is very easy to set up. The interface is simple and user-friendly. However, at $100, this device offers less than 30 channels, which is rather low for its cost. The channels on WD TV Live include Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Vudu and even BBC, although it fails to offer notable services like Fox News and Amazon videos. 

NeoTV Streaming Player 

The NeoTV Streaming Player from Netgear is somewhat similar to the Roku Media Player – costs less and offers a multitude of online channels. NeoTV offers around 140 channels including Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and even Vudu. This media player also gives you access to CinemaNow from Best Buy, which allows you to rent or buy movies online. It offers 1080p video quality and is available at just $50. But unlike the WD TV Live, this device does not have a USB port, nor does it allow you to connect to your TV to the local network. 

Plenty of options 

Besides the WD TV Line and the NeoTV Streaming Player, there are many more digital set-tops in the market today, which allow you to stream internet content to the older TV models in millions of homes. Most of these streaming media players are conveniently small and can be placed anywhere in the living room. Added to that, these media players aren’t very noisy and can fit in just anywhere. Targeted at the millions of people who have been using older models of televisions, these media players are easy to use too. All you need would be a couple of cables and you can connect your television to the internet or your network in less than a few minutes.  

The new breed of streaming media players don’t require a Smart TV to work with. They are good enough to make your dumb TV smarter.


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