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How to install and use the XBMC Android Remote


Times are changing and the HTPC has become as common as having a computer and HD TV in the house…at the same time. Here at Home System Integration we’re all about taking the modern world of technology and melding it together into one easy to use, user controlled, integrated frontier. With that being said, we’re going to show you how to use you fancy new Android phone as a means to control your XBMC regulated Media Center.

Before you proceed with this “how to”, make sure you are running Android 1.5 (Cupcake) OS or later on your Smart Phone.

Step 1 – Download the Official XBMC Remote for Androidonto your smart phone


Step 2– Ensure you are running XBMC version 9.1 (Camelot) or higher on your HTPC

Step 3– Take note of your HTPC’s IP address. The following method with reveal that to you:

Open the Command console (Start button > type “Cmd” > press Enter button). Type “ipconfig” and press enter. This screen should appear.


Write down the number related to IPv4 which may start off like this if you’re connected to a switch, 192.168.X.X

Step 4– Launch XBMC on your HTPC and Navigate to Network


Step 5– Ensure that you Settings look like this: (except you will create your own Username and Password)


Step 6– Launch XMBC Remote on your Android Phone and initially you’ll get the following:


Step 7– Tap Settings and you should get this screen:


Step 8– Tap close and then tap your menu key which will give you the following screen:


Step 9– Tap on Add Host and fill out the options in a similar manner as below and tap OK:


Step 10– Next you’ll see this screen, Tap your newly created host


Step 11– Now you’ll be set and ready to navigate your Library that you set up on your HTPC


Step 12– Remote Control as promised. When you tap Remote Control, you’ll get the following screen and will be ready to enjoy the savory goodness of your new addition to your integrated home network.



We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Stay tuned for more articles on how to build a media server using XBMC coming soon!

  1. Ade

    Hi and thanks for the article.

    I have a few questions which I hope you can help resolve.
    I have XBMC installed on a WHS-2011; XBMC would not start while on port 80, I guess this was because port 80 is already in use on my server, so using an alternative port "8080" worked.

    The problem I have is, I am unable to get the Android remote to connect to the server, I am consistently getting a socket timeout with the following message "Make sure XBMC webserver is enabled and XBMC is running"

    Any help you give would be appreciated.


  2. Ade


    Please dis-regard my initial question to yu regarding the andriod connectivity, I have now found the culprit, that being the servers firewall, adding an expection rule resolved it.

    thank you

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