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HSI Blog 2 Feb 27

Google TV in Kansas City


Google’s next technological venture could spell the end of Cable TV very soon. Google is planning to bring high speed internet to Kansas City in 2012, to provide its Google TV services in the region. The internet service will be called Google Fiber. According to the Wall Street Journal, evidence in the form of state records shows that Google applied for a license to provide TV subscriptions in the area. It is also rumored that the project might be completed in a short period of just 2 months.

Google TV and Google Fiber

Google TV is a Smart TV interface that allows you to access the internet through your TV. It is also tied up with various services like HBO GO, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix for streaming videos from the net. Google TV has had its fair share of critics ever since its launch. However, Google continued to add features to improve it. In October 2011, they added support for Android apps, and integrated YouTube as well. The interface was also simplified considerably in October. Now in Kansas City, when Google launches its Fiber network, Google TV will get a huge boost.

Google’s high speed internet will be really beneficial in smooth streaming of all the content that Google TV has to offer. You may not have your regular cable TV, but you will be able to make your own channels through content from internet and YouTube. If you wish to watch a particular game, all you have to do is search for it and all the available videos will be listed. Add to this the Google TV subscription service, which might soon be launched in Kansas City, and you have a perfect cable TV killer.

Details about the subscription service

The Google TV subscription service is also speculated to be launched with the Google Fiber network. In December 2011, Google took the permission of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to build what is considered to be a huge antenna farm in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Even though the site chosen is quite far from Kansas City, TV services can be provided from there. Also, this location is near Omaha which is the heart of optical fiber network in the US.

Competing with similar services

There is a question mark about the amount of cash Google will spend in this project. If it actually plans to go full steam ahead in the optical fiber and internet service industry, then it should be prepared to spend a substantially large amount of its revenue in the project. The majority of this expenditure will be on buying and installing equipment.

The concept of television based on internet is not very new as both Microsoft and Apple provide similar services. Microsoft has Xbox 360 and Apple provides Apple TV. Both these services are in partnership with groups like ESPN, YouTube, and Netflix. However, since Google would be providing their own internet service, they will have more control over the product and will have a better chance to earn more revenue.

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