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Google Plans to Launch its Own Streaming Media Player


There are a number of companies offering streaming media players in the market today, and Google plans to be one of them soon. The Wall Street Journal had recently revealed that the search engine giant is busy with its ‘Project Tungsten’, to design and develop its own streaming media player. Apparently, Google is working on creating a home entertainment device that can wirelessly stream music, and possibly other media, to all the other devices within your home. Although the search engine hasn’t made any statements regarding this, speculations are that Google is seriously working to launch its branded consumer electronics in the market.

Project Tungsten

Last year, at the Google I/O conference, the company has announced about its ‘Project Tungsten’, which involved in developing a hub for Google’s technology – Android at Home. The Android at Home concept revolves around Android devices that would be able to connect with the other devices using the new technology.

The Android at Home technology will be using a newer version of wireless network that Google would develop, according to Lighting Science’s Vice President, Eric Holland. Google’s new wireless network would be a low-powered wi-fi network like the ZigBee, which is used for home automation within a short range. The network, however, would have sufficient bandwidth to stream videos across multiple devices.

How it works

In 2011, Google had also demonstrated how a Tungsten device would work, by connecting it to a set of home theatre speakers. The device, which worked on both the Android operating system and the Android at Home technology, used the NFC technology to find music, and also add it to Google’s Music library. Once music is added to the library, it can be synced with the other devices inside the home.

Google’s trials with consumer products

This is not the first time that Google is trying its hand in developing its own consumer electronics. The search engine leader had experimented in developing consumer products even before, by combining its software with hardware from other manufacturers. The famed Google TV, which received a mixed response, was developed combining the Google TV software with smart TVs from manufacturers like Sony. Nexus One, the popular Google Phone, was built by HTC and was powered by the Android OS. Although the Android operating system has been a huge hit in the market, the phone had flopped terribly.

Google all the way

All this while, Google consumer products were a combination of Google’s Android software and hardware from other manufacturers. However, the new streaming media device, which Google is supposedly developing, will completely be a Google product. So if the reports are true, a streaming media player under the Google brand would soon be launched in markets. And given the brand value that Google has and the popularity of its Android operating system, the new Google product could give brands like Sonos and Bose a tough time in the market. However, the Wall Street Journal report does not give any hints about when the product would be launched or how it would be made available.

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