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DVDO Air Wireless HD Player


DVDO has recently announced the launch if its new wireless HD video and audio streaming device, which comes sans wires. Transmitting uncompressed HD audio or video files to your HDTV or any other display device using the new DVDO Air WirelessHD is very easy. The device saves you from the hassles of using wires to connect the source with your HDTV, giving your wall-mounted HDTV a neat and clutter-free look. This means you can enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies by seamlessly streaming the uncompressed video files using wireless connectivity.

Features of the Air WirelessHD Player

No more messy or ugly wires that make your beautiful HDTV look unkempt. The DVDO Air WirelessHD Player works wirelessly at 60 GHz and delivers 1080p video, along with 7.1 surround sound audio, to get you the best streaming media experience. The media player works well for both 2D and 3D video formats and works within a range of 30 meters. And that means you don’t have to have your set-top box, DVD or Blu-ray player close to the wall-mounted TV. All you need to do is connect the transmitter to the source and the receiver into your HDTV or other display device and you are all set for a top-class HD movie experience at home.

How it works?

The Air WirelessHD player is a wireless connector that uses a receiver and a transmitter to connect the source and output devices for HD media streaming, without lengthy cables crawling across the floor. The connector transmits the HDMI from your DVD, DVR, cable or satellite TV set-top boxes, laptops or any other source that has the uncompressed files, to your HDTV. The best part is that the sound and the picture quality you experience with the Air WirelessHD would be as good as it would be when you use the best HDMI cable for connectivity.

The device also comes with a mounting clip that makes connecting the wireless receiver on your HDTV easy.

Top-notch HD videos

Unlike other HD media streaming devices, which compress the HD video files for easy streaming, DVDO Air WirelessHD streams full HD files, without compressing them. This means, you will not have to compromise on the video quality with this wireless media player. Along with the 1080p video and 7.1 surround sound, this wireless streaming media player also supports 3D and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), and is complete HDMI compliant. The media player functions on the 60 GHz technology to deliver the best streaming experience without any interference from WI-fi networks, mobile or cordless phones.

Great option for all

DVDO Air WirelessHD is a great option irrespective of what kind of home theatre system you have. The device aims at bringing the best quality video and audio to your living room, all while keeping the place free of multiple cables and wires. DVDO Air is compatible with a variety of home theater systems, and works well with home theater components like EDGE Green and DVDO Duo to enhance the experience. The product is available with the authorized dealers and retailers in the market for just $399, which is reasonable considering the features it comes with.

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