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Build a Media Server and Stream Content from XBMC


A while back, we reviewed a XBMC Ubuntu installation as an optional way to build a media server used to stream content for your HTPC. With it being an award winning FREE open source “media player and entertainment hub for digital media” as well as having a beautiful and customizable yet natural feeling interface, we wanted to demonstrate how to install it as well has how easy it is to use, especially if you have the 360 Kinect.

The first thing you will need to do is decide which platform to use it on. Currently, you can choose from OSX clip_image002 Linux clip_image004 Windows clip_image006 Apple TV clip_image008or keep it mobile using Live clip_image010 in which it runs from a CD or USB drive. For intents and purposes of this article, I’ll be installing XBMC Windowson an HTPC.

Step 1 – Navigate to and click on Downloads and select Get XBMC to download XBMC.


Step 2– Choose the Platform you will be running XBMC on


Step 3 – Depending on which Browser you use; Chrome: choose”Keep” when prompted then click on executable; with IE 8 or 9 Choose “Run”

clip_image016 clip_image018clip_image020

Step 4 – Set up Wizard begins. Click Next


Step 5 – After Reading License Agreement… Click I Agree


Step 6 – Accepting defaults is best unless you are a more advanced user. Click Next


Step 7 – Click Next


Step 8 – Click Install(you may also choose to not create shortcuts on this step)


After a minute or so of this…


You’ll then click on Finish


Install is now complete and XBMC is ready to present to you the fruits of your HTPC goodness. Once you Run XBMC (currently version 10.1 “Dharma”), your computer will be taken over by your new media center and look something like this:


clip_image038From this Home Menu, you can scroll through the plethora of Media Centerentertainment options that XBMC has in store for you such as adding pictures or setting up Video play back options which includes an assortment of Add-ons to match the many different flavors that appeal to you.

clip_image040Once you select the appropriate add-on and install it with this extremely intuitive application, you’ll end up with the following, indicating that the add-on is ready for use.

There you have it, the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and your HTPC Media Center. As you fall deeper in love with your recently improved streaming media setup, you will find further endearment when you start using XBMC for Android (OS 1.9 or later) to control your XBMC HTPC Media Center.  After that, read our articles on how to build a media server to provide streaming content to your Home Theater PC and Home System Integration starts to create your Connected Home dreams!


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