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Roku Streaming Stick

Streaming Media Stick from Roku


Size does matter when it comes to accommodating a streaming media player in your TV or home theatre room. That is why, Roku, a well-known streaming media brand, has come up with a new, small streaming media player – Roku Streaming Stick. With this tiny dongle, there is no need for the extra space, extra remote controls and the wiring that your usual set to box would need. Just plug in the dongle and your Smart TV will instantly be transformed into a dynamic device streaming your favorite video and audio files from the internet. Want to know more about this fancy little gadget? Keep reading.

Features of the New Roku Streaming Stick

The most notable feature of the Roku Streaming Stick is that is no bigger than a small USB flash drive. This streaming player is capable of supporting over 400 channels that are available through Roku streaming platform, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus. The device also supports automatic software updates, channel enhancements etc like the other Roku streaming media players. This means, by choosing this easily replaceable streaming media stick,  you won’t have to worry about your Smart TV or hardware becoming obsolete in just a year or less.

The new Roku Streaming Stick is compatible with all Smart TVs that come with an MHL enabled HDMI ports. One of the reasons for this is that the Roku Streaming Stick is a cordless streaming media player, and comes with no separate cables for connectivity or for power supply. The mobile high-definition link or MHL in short, uses the HDMI ports on the TV to supply power and other important elements to the device, for enabling good quality streaming.

The only issue, and a significant one, here is that there aren’t many TVs with MHL enabled HDMI ports, although Roku expects more to appear at the CES. Besides its conveniently small size and cordless functionality, other features of the Roku Streaming Stick include a built-in processor, with necessary software and memory and Wi-fi.


The Roku Streaming Stick would be available in the market sometime during the later half of the year 2012. Insignia, a BestBuy brand, will be the first to pair TVs with the new Roku device. Insignia also plans to launch its first set of MHL-enabled televisions, which are compatible with Roku’s streaming media stick, in BestBuy during the year 2012. 

With the Roku Streaming Stick, integration of streaming platforms into the television becomes both easy and convenient. Just plug in the device but forget about the wiring to get connected.


Although the exact price of the Roku Streaming Stick has not been announced, speculations are it would be around $50 to $100, or in the range that the other Roku media players are available for. The Roku Streaming Sticks would be available in packages or bundles along with MHL enabled HDTVs, or they can be bought separately to use with your existing HDTV. In either case, the price of the player is most likely to remain more or less the same.

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