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Air Playit HSI2

Stream Media on iPhone and Android Devices with Air Playit


If you are among the many people who enjoy music and videos on their smartphones, Air Playit is an application you would be interested in. Air Playit, which is an application developed by a company called Digiarty Software, allows you to access the audio and video library on your computer, and stream it on your Google Android or Apple smartphone.

The application allows you to stream media using Wi-fi, 3G or 4G networks, irrespective of where your computer is located. In short, this audio and video streaming software acts as your personal cloud server and allows you to enjoy real time playback of your music and movies on the move.

Air Playit runs on the latest streaming technology called CUDA, and was initially available only for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod customers. Recently, Digiarty Software had released the Android compatible version of this app. The application is available in the Apple store and the Android market for free.

How it works

With Air Playit, you won’t have to deal with the tedious process of converting and transferring your music or video files onto your smartphone. In fact, the application does not even need you to connect your smartphone to your computer.

To use Air Playit, you need to install the software on both the computer and your smartphone or tablet. On your computer, you need to download the Air Playit Server, which is available on the site The software is compatible with Windows OS as well as the Mac OS. The best part is that irrespective of the OS you use – Mac or Windows – you will be able to stream your music and videos on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

The mobile application, which is the client, should be downloaded on you smartphone. Installing the app is very easy, even on your Android phone. Once the installation is done, you need to match the default settings like the IP address on both the client and the server, and select the audio and video folders you want to share.

You can customize the app and change the default password, activate HTTP access, and also add the NVidia CUDA for converting files quickly. The application is extremely easy to use, and is great if you want to seamlessly stream media on your smartphone.

System compatibility

Before Air Playit, there were just a handful of streaming apps for the iPad and the iPhone, while there were hardly any for Android. Air Playit is a music and video streaming app that works well on both the Apple and Google Android devices.

The Air Playit streaming software is compatible with all Apple devises with iOS version 4.2.1 and above. The app can be installed on Android smartphones like Google Nexus One and S, Samsung Galaxy S, Acer Liquid, Dell Streak, Motorola’s Milestone XT800 and Droid Series phones, HTC’s EVO, Incredible and Desire, and more. However, the Android devices should have more than 20 MB of free storage space, Cortex-A8 architecture and should support ARMv7 and NEON instruction set. The device should also have ARM CPU 800MHz or above for Air Playit to work.

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