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Jan 15

Sony Has Another Go at Google TV


Google had very few takers when it first came up with the concept of Google TV, Sony being the exception. Sony became one of the first companies that launched a Google TV product in 2010. However, that did not turn out very well. In CES 2012 that took place in Las Vegas, Sony unveiled two new devices that will be powered by Google TV. These two devices are NSZ-GS7, which is a network media player, and the NSZ-GP9 which is a Blu-Ray Disc player. Both of these products will be available for sale in North America and Europe in early summer of 2012, after which the distribution will be expanded to other countries.


The NSZ-GS7 is quite compact and similar to Logitech Revue in its size and features. With this device, users will be able to download applications from the Android and stream content from providers like Netflix, YouTube Pandora, HBO Go and more. There is also a picture-in-picture feature that allows users to surf the net or use other applications while watching the video. NSZ-GS7 comes with a motion-sensitive backlit remote that has a touch pad on one side and a QWERTY keyboard on the other side. As of now, the price of the device has not been set. The main feature of this device is obviously the fact the way you can search videos. Google TV allows you to search the entire web for videos and then create your own channel.


This is an update to the existing Google TV Blu-Ray media player. The connected features offered by this device are quite similar to those offered by NSZ-GS7 media player. The remote is also very similar but it has an added functionality of voice search. The remote has six axis motion controls that should be great for gaming. Also, both the devices will be closely linked with the Sony entertainment network. You will be able to enjoy videos at full HD at 1080p. There is support for 3D as well. Again, you will be able to access the internet and Google search for apps and live TV.


It is quite obvious that the remote is the biggest improvement when you compare it with last years NSZ-GT1. The former controller was quite big and very difficult to use. The voice search is definitely a plus point but it is not sure whether the set top box will have the same functionality or not. The importance of set top box cannot be underestimated as it is the first product of its kind after the Logitech Revue was discontinued. In short, the major criticism has been regarding the controllers of Google TV, which have always been very bulky. If the voice control and gesture control works smoothly then this problem will be easily solved.

Sony has persisted with Google TV and if they are able to deliver what they promise, then Google TV may very well see a revival. With the product launch dates quite far, we can only guess how much success Sony will have after last year’s debacle.

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