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Panasonic HSI1

Panasonic’s New Home Theatre System


Panasonic has been one of the leading manufacturers of televisions and home theater systems with 3D support and theater-quality audio. At the CES this year, the company had revealed the details of its latest 3D Blu-ray home theater systems – the SC-BTT195, SC-BTT490 and the SC-BTT190. Along with these, the company has announced the release of three HTB series home theaters – SC-HTB20, SC-HBT350 and SC-HBT550 – for the year 2012.

According to Panasonic, these home theater systems would have all that you need for the perfect instant home cinema experience. These latest Blu-ray 3D home theaters systems would be released in the year 2012 and would be available at affordable prices, according to the company.

Features of the Panasonic BTT systems

The three HTiBs that Panasonic plans to launch in 2012 would have great 3D support and surround sound that promises theater-like experience at home. Integration with iPhone and/or iPad, VIERA Connect service, DLNA support and smartphone control are among the common features you would find in this line of Panasonic HTiBs. With the VIERA Connect feature, you will be able to access plenty of web-based entertainment options including Netflix and Youtube. The VIERA Connect also features access to Facebook and Skype if you have a webcam attached.

Along with that, the 3D Cinemas Surround is another feature common to these home theaters.  The 3D Cinema Surround, which is developed by Panasonic, delivers sound through 30 or more virtual and real speakers. In the 2012 home theater systems, the company plans to include the “direction perception control technology”, which allows users to feel that the sound as coming from the right direction.

These three 3D Blu-ray home theaters also come with the Anti-Jitter Digital Amplifiers, which will prevent any jitters or distortions from affecting the sound quality. The SC-BTT490 comes with a built-in Wi-fi feature, one HDMI output and two HDMI inputs. Panasonic is yet to release the detailed specs for the other two home theater systems. The company has not announced the price or the release date for these systems either.

Features of the HBT home theaters

The HBT home theater systems use Bluetooth with Wireless Music Streaming to stream media on your TV. This means that you can play music from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod without having to dock them. These home theater systems also come with a wireless subwoofer, which can be conveniently placed anywhere. The speakers of these home theaters are slim, multi-positional and detachable, which makes it easier to place them anywhere you want. Using these home theater systems, you could choose to watch videos with the TV on, or just enjoy the audio when the TV is switched off.

The common features of the SC-HTB series of home theater systems include Clear-mode Dialog (improved audio), Dialog Level Control for adjusting the frequency of the audio range, Anti-jitter Digital Amplifier and Auto Gain Control. VIERA Link feature, the Audio Return Channel and 3D Signal sync are common to SC-HTB20 and SC-HTB550. While all the three systems come with a stainless mesh design, the SC_HTB550 also has a shiny finish.

According to Panasonic, the HTB series home theaters would be ready for shipping by April 2012. The price, however, has not been revealed by the company.

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