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LG to Introduce 4K LCD TV with 84 Inch Screen – The Largest in the World


At the 2011 CES, LG announced that a 4K LCD television set with a screen size of 84 inches was in the making. However, the product did not hit the market in 2011. This year, the TV will be showcased at the CES to be held in Las Vegas. LG made an announcement that its 84 inch television set with a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels will be accompanied by a 55-inch OLED display at the show. The OLED screen will come with Cinema 3D developed by LG. Built-in will be its Smart TV feature. Users will get to enjoy the voice and remote control Magic Motion upgrade brought out by the manufacturer for the TV.

LG yet to Announce Date of Shipping

LG is yet to make an announcement about the date when it will ship the televisions and the price tag with which they will come. Industry watchers are of the opinion that the TV seems to be production-ready in comparison to a few of the prototypes that were showcased in the past. LG is currently quite driven to bring out its 3D technology. A screen that comes with Film Pattern Retarder, also known as FPR, is part of LG’s offering. Combined with its passive glasses which can result in low resolution images and additional pixels, viewers will get to enjoy pictures in HD.

Currently, 4K in the home entertainment segment is being provided by JVC and Sony via projectors that are quite steeply priced. It is likely that this will change with more manufacturers like LG entering the market with 4K TVs. The 84 inch television screen will be the largest in the world, to come with Ultra Definition (UD) 3D capability. With the TV, LG will enter new territory in immersive home entertainment (3D).

Innovative Home Entertainment Technology

CEO and President of LG Electronics Home Entertainment, Havis Kwon, stated that the company is setting the standards for innovative home entertainment technology with its new 3D TV. The manufacturer is combining its understanding of 3D technology and Smart TV in its new television set. With this, LG aims to show its audience at CES that the company is dedicated to being the leading brand in making devices for immersive home entertainment.

Its 8 million pixels and enhanced resolution clarity allow the UD 3D TV to show images of superior quality. The bezels are narrow, which contribute to a convincing viewing experience on the 3D screen. In addition to these spectacular features, the product is accompanied by 3D Depth Control. With this, viewers can customize their 3D experience onscreen. They can change the 3D effect as well as sound zooming (3D). The sound quality will rival some of the most efficient home theatre systems in the world.

The display panel of the TV allows users to access the Smart TV ecosystem from LG. The feature has more than 1000 apps. It enables users to access a host of first-rate content services. One of them is 3D Zone from which a number of 3D movies can be selected. One of the best features of the TV is its imbedded engine for converting 2D content to 3D. This expands the 3D content that can be used.

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