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LG 42LV4400 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV


LG has been making large-screen high-definition television monitors for about five years. It certainly knows its craft. For example, the LG 42LV4400 delivers high-definition video at 1080p at a resolution of 120 Hz, the TruMotion System. In an LCD-based high-definition television the importance of high-resolution cannot be overrated. In a standard LCD laptop screen, for example, the standard resolution is 60 Hz where this is fine. However, when you increase the size of the screen by almost 300 percent the resolution is important. As screen size increases, LCD-based flat screen TVs have tendency to blur in action sequences such as high-speed driving or passing a football across the field to a forward. If the resolution were to remain at 60 Hz the eye would see the blurring, however, by increasing the resolution to 120 or 240 Hz, the eye sees smooth motion. It is a key in a hybrid system.

A hybrid system uses LCD technology for full-screen imagery while it uses LED technology for finer details. The key to this type of system is that the LEDs can be turned on and off quickly and are immune to the LCD blurring effect. Because of its technology, the $498 LG is a mid-range system whose features can be tweaked for brightness, clarity, color intensity and detail. A key factor, too, is the 100,000:1 contrast ratio so that blacks can be set to incredibly rich levels to enhance overall scenes.

At 25 pounds, the LG 42LV4400 is a relative lightweight that you can set up in minutes. It features a reasonably good remote and recessed backup keys on the left. You set up the hitting the “home” key to access the menu system. The menus allow you to set the LG 42LV4400 for Sports, Gaming or Movies. Once you have chosen your settings, a built-in sensor and LG’s Intelligent Sensor Technology adjust the backlit high-def TV for best viewing in the available ambient light.

The LG 42LV4400 is equipped with two-channel stereo speakers, each of which can handle 10 watts, however, there is also an output jack available for external speakers for headphones or surround sound systems. And, while the LG 42LV4400 does lack Ethernet or WiFi capability, it still offers a wide variety of inputs including three HDMI (high-def) ports, a USB 2.0 port through which you can display only video from a camera or similar source. It also offers only one composite video input and a standard 15-pin D-sub (computer-style) connector for RGB input. In this way, you can use your computer as the driver for LG 42LV4400. If not, there is a standard RF connector port available so you can hook up a tuner to drive the high-definition receiver. There’s also a standard RS-232C port for control and service. It comes with its own stand that is designed to swivel, but not tilt.

Overall, the LV 42LV4400 works as advertised. It is nowhere near as fancy as some on the market, but its 42-inch screen, surrounded on three sides by one-inch bezels and on the bottom by a three-inch bezel is stylish and does all you ask of it. You cannot ask for more than that.

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