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DLNA and How It Helps You Access Your Media Files


You might have heard of DLNA quite a lot already especially now that more and more people are getting familiar with it and would like to have it not just in their office but even in their homes.

What is DLNA? DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. It is an organization of the different appliance manufacturers whose products can be used to share files like photos, videos and music to other appliances. DLNA primarily aims to make your life easier by making your stored files accessible not just in one hard drive but in all other appliances you have at home.

What is DLNA to your television and computer screens? If you have network attached storage at home where you have downloaded movies stored, you can play it on either your television screen or your computer screen provided they are both DLNA certified. DLNA certified TV and computers are capable of accessing files on your network attached storage wherever they may be in your house.

What is DLNA to your digital camera? If you have photos stored in your digital camera and it is DLNA certified, you can actually show off your photos on your DLNA certified television screen as well. This way, your friends would not have a hard time passing on your digital camera just to look at those photos.

What is DLNA to your music players? DLNA certified computers are allowed to play music using your DLNA certified wireless speakers. You can share your downloaded music from your PDA phone to your computer and have it played with your wireless speakers.

What is DLNA to your printing appliance? DLNA allows you to send and print photos that are stored on your mobile phone with your DLNA certified printer without necessarily having to access it through a computer.

What is DLNA? To sum it all up, DLNA makes your life easier by making everything accessible for you. It allows sharing of files like photos, movies, music, etc. form one appliance or device to another. It would indeed be a very good idea to have DLNA certified appliances especially if you are living in quite a big house.

To allow easy sharing of files throughout your home, there are actually home media network hard drives that are now available in the market at very affordable prices. These network hard drives would allow you to share and access files throughout your home.

The only disadvantage you may have on DLNA use is if there are files you originally do not want to share with anyone but were accessed by other users. When using DLNA certified products, make sure that you also have the security setting set the correct way.

DLNA certified appliances would turn your home digital. It would make everything easier for you. It would provide you with all forms of entertainment at their best. It would also help you conserve your energy for something more important that just transferring one file from one gadget to another.

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