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Unity Home Theatre System

Unity Home Theatre System – Home Theater in a Box



Imagine a home theater system in a box, without the hassles of too many cords or multiple remotes. Sounds great, right? Well, it is the new all-in-one Unity Home Theatre System that In2Technologies, an audio and video product design and development company based in San Jose, is going to launch sometime in the middle of 2012. The Unity home theatre system is like a multi-purpose Swiss-army knife, with all the elements of home theater entertainment packed in one unit. Here’s a brief note on the features of this home theater in a box

Design and look

The Unity Home Theater System was designed in collaboration with RKS Designs, a California based company. This home theatre resembles the alphabet T and is quite compact. It occupies very little space and also has a floor-platform, so that you can use it as a stand-alone system. The platform on top is big enough to support a flat panel TV, also making it a floor-standing TV platform. With hardly any need for cords, except the power cord and the HDMI input and output wires, the Unity Home theater System also gives out a neat look.


The Unity home theater system has an in-built 3D Blu-ray player, speakers, subwoofers, 5.1 surround sound bar, surge protector, and HDMI pass-through. The system also has an AC power input, 2 AC outputs, one HDMI-out, two HDMI inputs, an iPod/iPhone dock support, a LAN port, FM antenna, a USB port (for the internet enables Blu-ray player), a microphone port and an aux-in.

The central power tower, which is the vertical portion of the T-shaped home theatre, houses the 3D Blu-ray player, the surround-sound processors, 500-watt amplifier and the AM/FM tuner.

Sound quality

The quality of sound produced by Unity seems promising. The home theatre system has a front output of 5X100W and a rear output of 2X25W. Sound processing support includes DTS 96/24/HD and Dolby Digital/Pro Logic/True HD. The system frequency response is said be between 25Hz-20k Hz, +/- 2db. The system has a dual side-firing subwoofers placed on each side of the central tower,  and down-firing mid-bass drivers that are placed underneath the horizontal platform.

Unity Home Theater System can also support 15-inch woofers and 8-inch mid-bass drivers. The idea of this design, is to ensure sound quality, while minimizing vibrations.

Pricing and availability

While Unity promises to be a compact home theater system, ideal for quality home cinema experience, whether or not people will buy it depends on a number of factors. For one, the price of the home theatre, which is said to be $999 at retail outlets, is one thing that can keep away those with a budget. Even if the price is not an issue, people may not be very comfortable spending on a home theatre from a completely new company. Added to that, there are quite a few all-in-one home theatre systems from reputed brands that are available in the market for much less.

While this home theater in a box may have to face a few hiccups in the beginning, the quality of home theatre experience it brings to a home will of course decide how it fares in the market.

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