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Lenovo’s Latest Home Theatre PC IdeaCenter Q180 as Big as Paperback Book


At a time when PC manufacturers are putting in a lot of effort to transform laptops into thin and ultraportable devices, Lenovo – which is also doing the same – is dedicating its time to making its Home Theatre PC a svelte device. It recently brought out the IdeaCentre Q180, which can add to your entertainment experience.

Q180-2LThe device comes with an exterior that measures just 6.1×7.56×0.86 inches. This makes it quite thin when compared to other Home Theatre PCs (HTPC) in the market. Though only as big as a paperback book, the device comes with features that can convert a digital television (HDTV) into a streaming media center where you can enjoy games, music, videos and much more.

Powerful Features for Effective Media Storage

Inside the IdeaCentre Q180 is an Atom dual core CPU from Intel with 2.13 GHz. It can pack a powerful performance owing to the Radeon HD 6450A graphics chip. Combined with a DDR3 RAM of 4GB (maximum), IdeaCentre Q180can make video playback incredibly smooth. Storing different types of media is easy on the device. This is possible if you get an SSD of 128GB or HDD of 750GB. The PC comes with a Blu-ray drive which makes viewing content stored on discs, a breeze.

According to the executive director of Product Group Marketing for Lenovo, Nick Reynolds, the IdeaCentre PC has helped the manufacturer climb up a notch in the product category for compact PCs. With the latest Blu-ray playback, which has 3D capabilities and high-definition graphics, people can change the way they use and experience multi-media. The device also enables them to bring the power of the web to their living room at a price point that is easy on the pocket.

Smallest Production PC

Q150_Simple-easy-designThe device is the smallest of the PC category in the world. Despite its diminutive size, it can deliver a performance that is quite powerful. This is enabled by the advanced technology that has been incorporated in the device. Giving the mini HTPC (Home Theatre PC) a lot of flexibility is a VESA Mount. With this, you can place the device anywhere you want – including at the back of monitors and HDTVs.

Good Connectivity Options

Incorporated with good support for multi-media use, the IdeaCentre Q180 can create an ambience in which movie watching will be a sheer pleasure. Some of the features that allow for this are a channel surround sound (7.1), Blu-ray driver, support for Direct X11 and 3D Blu-ray. With these, you can experience a home theatre environment that is unique. S/PDIF connectivity, a fast file transfer support (USB 3.0) and out ports for HDMI and VGA have been provided with the device. They can facilitate connectivity among the IdeaCentre, a sound system and an HDTV.  Beyond running Windows Media Center 7, you could also slap on XBMC as your media center if that is more your flavor.

Backlit, Easy-to-Use, Snug Keyboard

Q180-4LA wireless compact keyboard accompanies the home theatre system. The backlit gadget is so snug that it can be held in the palm of your hand. Seated on a comfortable sofa, you can operate the IdeaCentre through the wireless multimedia control. You can alter the surround sound setting, make surfing on the web a simple experience and select the high-def movies you want to watch.


Stay tuned as the lines between the TV and Internet become more blurred by the day!


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