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Are You Watching This? – Don’t Ever Miss a Big Sports Moment Again


Sports fans using Android mobile, tablet, and Google TV devices can now install the new Android sports application called –“Are You Watching It?” This app is designed to make sure that you don’t miss great moments in sports, ranging from football, NASCAR to hockey. ‘Are You Watching It?’ or RUWT watches every sport on every channel there is and tells you exactly when you should tune into a particular channel. The alerts are sent via personalized alerts through email, text message or pop-up notifications.

RUWT alerts include details like real-time scores, time left for the game and the channel on which you can catch the action. The app can be installed on your Android smartphone, tablet and also on your Google TV device.

 How does it work?

The ‘Are You Watching It?’ application will not let you miss a classic sporting moment. How? The RUWTbot or the game watching robot watches every game that’s on every channel, and alerts you when there is a great game you simply shouldn’t miss. The RUWT algorithm considers big upsets, close finishes, team rivalries, overtime, even no-hitter and the like to accurately predict and alert fans when it thinks they would be interested in watching a game.

The best part is you can get alerts, along with statistics,  about real-time games from around the world. Depending on your preferences, you can use different levels of filtering to get personalized alerts when your favorite teams are playing.

App features

Here are some notable features of this Android application.

  • Covers sporting events from every corner of the world
  • You can get personal recommendations based on your zip code, personal channel listing
  • The RUWT uses different colors to indicate the level of excitement in the game. For example, games in the overtime or extra-innings stage are hot and are worth watching, while an intense game between two archrivals is noted as a possible ‘epic’ game that cannot be missed.
  • Provides a quick view of all the games on TV, listed according to the level of excitement they generate.
  • Along with the score and the statistics, the alert also provides the reason why a game is good – rivalry, extra time, no-hitter etc, so you decide whether or not to watch it.

But that’s not all, you can even use the app to switch to the TV channel airing the game.

One-click channel switching

The RUWT app ties up with DirectTV, TiVo and Google TV to enable IP control for switching your TV channel with a single click. So when you get an alert, all you need to do is swipe across the smartphone and you can switch the channel without using any remote. This feature is great if you are always having a problem finding the TV remote.

What makes ‘Are You Watching This?’ a different than other apps is that it gives you more than just the score. It gives you a reason why the game should be watched and even takes you to the channel where the game is being aired. Download this app and you would never have to regret missing a classic moment in sports.

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