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Kinect Effect to Change the World


Microsoft has waded through troubled waters and dealt with heavy criticism in the past as many behemoth sized companies do but their world altering innovation appears relentless. Not only has Microsoft invaded the lives of almost every desktop and laptop throughout the world with the Windows operating /server system, both at home and in the workplace; its influence has also reached across the globe with unimaginable power wielding programs like Microsoft Office, Windows Home Server and the XBOX 360. An organization such as this is helpless to avoid the many naysayers (*cough* Apple fanboys *cough*) of the world.

With competition such as Apple with the iPod, iPhone and iPad that has swept the globe as well as Google and the multitude of Android devices nipping at their heels and in some cases surpassing it, Microsoft remains unscathed as a world leader in the tech industry. The future appears to hold a vision not much different for this company, especially when they rolled out the 360 Kinect.


Home System Integration has discussed the 360 Kinect a number of times, but the amount of amazing hacks for this revolutionary technology calls for a second look. Recently, blogger Casey Chan on also expressed excitement over the recent developments with Kinect when he stated, “If you didn’t know (or maybe you just forgot), Microsoft can still make awesome stuff. If they keep it up, maybe we can thank them for giving us the Minority Report-style future we’ve always wanted.” His seemingly reluctant props for Microsoft were a byproduct of what Microsoft’s own eye’s fell upon as they watched similar streaming video’s of the different hack’s that many users were able to come up with. Microsoft made the following comment on in regards to what they saw and what their vision is;

“We built Kinect to revolutionize the way you play games and how you experience entertainment. But along the way, people started using Kinect in ways we never imagined. From helping children with autism, to helping doctors in the operating room, people are taking Kinect beyond games. And that’s what we call the Kinect Effect.”

A quick search on youtube for Kinect might convince you that the “Kinect Effect” might very well lead us all into a “Minority Report” future. Hand and voice gestures (even without the fancy glove that Tom Cruise used) will manipulate visual images and even navigate through and control the devices included in your Connected Home. Stay tuned for future posts on HSI as undoubtedly many technologies will emerge in 2012…heavily influenced by the Kinect Effect.


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