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GoogleTV Gets Life Support


Google is one of the largest organizations and has made vast contributions throughout the tech industry which has greatly increased the productivity of arguably every company including individual lives of people world wide. GoogleTV has not fallen short of Google’s reputation.

GoogleTV-androidGoogleTV reviews are scattered across the internet ranging from greatness to folly. However, we here at Home System Integration have always stood by GoogleTV for what it is, pure innovation! Granted, there were a few snags in its design but nothing that justifies removing greatness from GoogleTV’s ultimate concept of Interactive TV. Google has taken the popular robust and malleable Android OS and generated a new type of Interactive TV for the Connected Home.

GoogleTV had a rough launch, mostly due to the vast number of “naysayers” in todays media who didn’t understand that this first iteration of GoogleTV was more of a “proof of concept” and that the product would truly shine once it had the right Operating System. Some reviews will reveal that GoogleTV had a somewhat clumsy interface which did not thwart its capabilities but gave the competition enough ammo to shoot doubt into the minds of potential consumers. The shot that nearly finished GoogleTV before it had a decent chance to get started was several media networks and websites pulling out support and denying service to users via GoogleTV…like I said, nearly finished them off. GoogleTV has bounced back once again through its well know innovation via the GoogleTV add-on for Android software development kit (SDK) which will add a touch more of awesomeness to your Android device.

What does it mean for GoogleTV?


To be more elaborate, the above piece of news means that now developers can make and configure their applications for the GoogleTV as well. But they will have to wait till GoogleTV is available with Android 3.1. The plug-in that Google provides helps the developers in figuring out whether their apps would work with the GoogleTV or not.

In certain cases, an app may not require any changes for the GoogleTV and can work directly. In other cases, an app might need to be tweaked slightly in order to make it compatible with GoogleTV.

Efforts to help developers

Google is doing everything it can to make it easier for developers to make apps for the GoogleTV.

  • It is giving out guidelines to developers regarding the user interface. These guidelines explain how to optimize the app so that it runs smoothly with the D-pad (directional pad, a device which comes with the GoogleTV and is used for navigation).
  • Also, viewing a TV is inherently different from viewing a computer screen, so developers also need to make sure that the information comes out in a way that is suitable for distant viewing.
  • Even though GoogleTV is based on the Android OS, there are certain differences in the user interface elements of GoogleTV and other Android devices. Google has published these differences in the guidelines as well to help the developers.

By making the Android apps available for GoogleTV we will certainly see similar growth for this platform as we have seen in the Smartphone arena and in our mind will finally find its place in the Connected Home. With Google, it is only a matter of time before they find success!


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