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Asus WAVI Xtion to Hit the Market in October


Microsoft Xbox 360’s Kinect motion control features have become immensely popular among different types of users. The success of motion based user control technology has led other companies to take the initiative to develop their own motion sensing systems. One such company is Asus, which demonstrated their own version of a motion sensing system for the PC early this year called WAVI Xtion. Set to launch by October this year, Asus plans to send out as many as 100,000 WAVI Xtion’s in the first round of shipping.

asus wavi xtionThe system will come with a wireless receiver, also called WAVI, which has been developed by Asus. It has been incorporated with a sensing device called Xtion Pro. This is based on PrimeSense’s chip which HSI blogged about earlier this year. To build the software for the device’s sensor, Asus has entered into an alliance with Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Asus is targeting China as the first market to which its devices will be shipped. The import of Xbox and similar gaming consoles have been banned in China which means they don’t have devices with Kinect. This will ease the competition for WAVI Xtion and allow it to better take root in China. Reports suggest that the WAVI Xtion will sell for about $250 to $300 which might be too high of a price range for the target market even though China is going through an economic explosion.

The special Asus Xtion Portal is a user interface that will enable users to interact with the technology more closely than they do on other devices. It will allow for intuitive interaction with the various applications on it. The device can be connected TVs and PCs both directly or wireless through its HDMI technology. Through this connection, the device transfers hi-def content like photos, games and movies at a distance up to 25 meters away.

asus-WAVIWAVI Xtion will be accompanied by a range of software products such as the MayaFit Cardio Lite which is a fitness training game that uses motion sensing as well as BeatBooster which is a racing game with multi-player capabilities. With it, users will be able to manipulate a jet aircraft’ motion with their body movement.

As with most such devices, you can enjoy playing games on a big screen TV, right in your living room with WAVI Xtion. Asus’ proprietary engine in the Xtion device is capable of supporting keyboard control remapping so you change the controls to motion gestures for a range of third party games.

According to the CEO of PrimeSense, Inon Beracha,  the company’s association with Asus in creating 3D sensing technology for the device is a big achievement. He stated that this shows the industry that which enables natural interaction is most suited for living rooms. In his statement, he mentioned that gesture based intuitive controls are likely to be the next best option for operating devices of many different kinds. In the near future, the way users will interact with many consumer electronics will be similar to the way they do with the WAVI Xtion device. This can go a long way in helping remove the barriers that stand between humans and devices.


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