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Watch ESPN Sports Live via App on Xbox 360


xbox-360Xbox 360 LIVE users will have a new app to look forward to quite soon. ESPN will launch an app developed by Microsoft next month. It will come with some great features that Xbox users should look forward to. From August 25th onwards, the app will be made available to users, and it will be just in time to welcome the football season.

One of the features of this app is called My Sports, which will allow you to select your favorite sport for easy access. In addition, you can pick your preferred team and add them under the same category. When it is time to watch the match, users will be able to directly go to the game without having to navigate their way to it. The app also comes with daily news feeds. You can receive personalized news according to the team and sport preferences you indicate in My Sports.

The Mini Guide allows users to preview sports content of their choice. You can quickly access this through the Mini Guide icon located at the bottom of the screen. With this, you can easily check for other matches that are taking place, switch between two matches that you want to watch and even play highlights of a match you missed.

One of the best features this Xbox app could get is Split Screen. With this, users no longer have to choose between watching two matches – they can watch both simultaneously on two screens. The feature allows players to view any program combination of their choice – two matches, a match and a highlight, or a highlight and news. Users can control the screens independently. So, they can rewind, play or pause one screen, without affecting the other.

360-kinectKinect’s Voice Control lets players control content using their voice. Users don’t have to waste time or miss out on an important moment in the match while they search for a remote. Simple through voice commands, you can navigate the content guide, switch between highlights, pause, play and rewind.

The Xbox LIVE ESPN app will also offer a live scorecard. For example, you can check the latest scores for a live college football match at any point during an event. This way, will also get access to stats about the match and will be able to analyze the game whenever you want to.

Sports buffs with a busy a schedule, who find it difficult to keep track of the matches that are to take place, can use the Reminders feature on their Xbox LIVE. This feature allows you to pick the games you want to watch and tag them. On the day of the match, the reminders will alert you of the big matches set to take place. Live Alerts is another feature that will keep you tuned in to the changes in scores in all matches that are currently taking place.

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