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Netflix Streaming from HDMI Tablets


Netflix for AndroidFinally the wait is over for Android users waiting to have a Netflix player on their devices. Netflix has now come up with an app, which allows the videos to be streamed natively from tablets having HDMI support. Originally, the Netflix app was meant for tablets running Android 3.xx, but it was updated and now supports a lot more devices including the upcoming Honeycomb tablets – special mention here being the recently unveiled Lenovo IdeaPad K1. The Netflix app service will also be available on a number of phones along with the Lenovo Tablet, in total as many as 24 devices are in line for Netflix streaming as we discussed in an earlier article.

These upgraded devices will not only be able to provide you with native streaming over HDMI but also give you the completely new option of ‘local storage’. That’s right, the latest update for the app, to which Lenovo has had the sole rights for sometime, has an option of offline viewing. So, you could record the video on your internal flash drive or MicroSD card for later use. The option for local storage has been disabled on most devices for the time being but should be active in the near future.

The Netflix app has been available on the Apple tablet for over a year now, but many Android users have been waiting for a long time to see Netflix on Android tablets. The main cause of delay was the open nature of the platform. Since Android is open source, content owners were skeptical of videos being stolen by users using hacks. The newer Android based devices have found a work-around by adding there own layer of encryption over the OS and are able to run this app without the fear of hacks and video thefts.

best netflix streamingWith this announcement, there is also some bad news for the existing Honeycomb users, as this app wont run on their tablets, even with a firmware update. What is required is a slate with the proper hardware support to view 1080p content, which was not available in devices before the IdeaPad K1. As of now, it’s not known which companies will go down the path with Lenovo, but it seems obvious that the rest will need to work on similar lines, if they do not want to be left behind.

Technically this means that you will be able to use your Motorola Droid for the app but Motorola Xoom will not work, as it does not have the necessary hardware support.

But considering the fact that Netflix is the most widely used movie rental service, it should not be a surprise that the APK for the app has already been ripped and is available online and from the look of it is running fine on tablets like the Galaxy tab 10.1, which also runs on Honeycomb.

So it seems pretty logical that the app will be made available for almost all the platforms in the near future. But along with such widespread use of the app also comes the possibility of a hike in the current rates of Netflix, although that is how things go with just about anything popular, right?

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