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How to Stream Live TV throughout the Connected Home with InfiniTV 4 powered HTPC


There is a good chance that if you’ve kept up on recent news in the Connected Home Industry, you would have caught wind of the fact that Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 has recently had dramatic drop in price.  With that, I figured it was time to go out and pick one up to see what the fuss is all about.

ceton infinitv cardWhile there are some new contenders in this arena like SiliconDust HDHomeRun, the InfiniTV is still a solid device, especially if you want to integrate it with your Home Theater PC (HTPC).  Here are the simple, step-by-step instructions for getting the InfiniTV set up to stream content throughout the home:

For the purposes of this tutorial we are assuming that you have already inserted the card into your Home Theater PC and have downloaded and installed the drivers on your HTPC.

Within Windows Media Center 7, navigate to the Ceton InfiniTV menu option and select it to begin the configuration of your InfiniTV card.


Click Yes when prompted about continuing.  Then select “Setup InfiniTVs” from the options:


Click Next and then verify that both your Cablecard tuner shows up along with the NIC you will be using.  When both areas have the correct information for your system, select “Yes, configure InfiniTVs with these results” and click Next:


Select the appropriate firewall:


Select the number of tuners you want available for recording on this main workstation.  The remaining tuners are what will be available for WMC 7 systems throughout your home:



Read the warning about your system creating a “bridge” with the networking to allow other machines to connect to this one for steaming TV


Wait for it….wait for it…


Now you have finished with the initial configuration of the InfiniTV card, click Finish


The setup will launch into setting up the card within WMC 7 itself:


Navigate to Settings>TV Signal and select “Set Up TV Signal”


Setup the correct Region for where you live


Enter your Zip Code so that Windows Media Center 7 has the proper TV Guide loaded.


Say that you Agree, else you won’t get very far!  Winking smile


Select “yes” if all looks well.  (I saved one tuner for my upstairs PC


Select “Yes”


Find your appropriate cable / satellite provider


Voila!  You are finished with this portion of the setup!

I hope you found these instructions helpful in getting started with the Ceton InfiniTV tuner setup for your Windows Media Center 7 on your HTPC.


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  1. Dale

    Are there any alternative Digital Media Receivers other than xBox, xBox360, Linksys DMA2100/DMA2200, or D-Link DSM-750?

    What about for a non-Windows Media Center HTPC?


  2. Erik

    So is there way to stream content to an HDTV without a PC attached? I think I know the answer but the info on Centon site seems to indicate its possible when I don't see how. I found your site googling the subject but your instructions seem geared more towards setting up a PC to received streamed video then just a TV. Thanks!

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