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Slingbox client for GoogleTV Beta coming soon!


GoogleTV-androidIt always makes me happy to see new announcements about Google TV.  Back when Google TV first came out, it seemed like I was the only one not completely slamming it because the UI wasn’t perfect.  Well, that and everyone blocked it from streaming their content, minor issue! Winking smile The truth is that I saw the potential of devices like the Logitech Revue from the beginning and knew that GoogleTV was going to go far.

I’ve always had faith that the GoogleTV Revue would catch on and once they put a proper OS on it, there is little doubt in my mind that it (and really the interaction it brings to our TV experience) is going to be a hit and revolutionize how we watch TV, though I wish Google would speed things up before they lose the race with companies already using Android on their devices.  There are already a number of competing devices that are using Android to run a streaming media player,  the Xtreamer Ultra is a great example.  But have we really even begun to scratch the surface?

So it is great news to me when Slingbox decides to also put their faith in GoogleTV and come out with “Slingplayer for Connected Devices”:

Slingbox has always made it easy to watch your TV around the house, around town or even around the world — on laptops, mobile phones or tablets. The SlingPlayer for Connected Devices Beta is coming for Google TV. Soon you will be able to extend your complete living room HDTV experience to any TV around your home, or another TV in any location where you have an Internet connection.

Be sure to check out this great video by “Mister Sling” about the upcoming features of Slingplayer for Connected Devices:


SlingPlayer for Connected Devices–a perfect addition to the Connected Home!

If you would like to get signed up for the Beta program for Slingplayer for Connected Devices, simply fill out the form on Slingbox’s website:

Let us know what you think about both the Slingplayer and also your opinion of what GoogleTV needs to do to ensure success.  We’d love to hear your opinions, whether we agree or not!  Winking smile

And seriously, if you like the site, please consider sharing us on Facebook, you never know which ones of your friends may be a closet geek!  hehe.  We’re still new, but we are working hard at making the Connected Home a reality for everyone, and streaming media is the key! Either way, I appreciate you reading.

Stay tuned…


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  1. Louis Gray
    Louis Gray06-03-2011

    Great news Tom. Thanks for the tip. I really like my Google TV already and this would be a big win.

  2. Bobby Ewing
    Bobby Ewing06-16-2012

    The cable and satellite companies will not stop intentionally forcing or pressuring electronics manufacturers (the ones they haven't already acquired) to cripple or suppress all together new technologies that "easily" provide that "watch TV at home on the couch" experience on a remote television using a TV subscription that might be yours or one that you want to "share" Their goal is to ensure that you pay that $150 or more target subscription cost at each location you (or those you might share with) consume your television. But it seems they missed one combination – The Logitech Revue and Sling Media SlingCatcher – A Match MADE in HEAVEN – it just plain WORKS. Too bad no one wants U 2 know –… Just too bad both devices are now discontinued. Wonder why. Heh heh heh……

  3. Bobby Ewing
    Bobby Ewing06-20-2012

    Tom you might be interested in some discussion had with MegaZone regarding this topic. He worked at Sling Media during the development of Slingcatcher and has some unique insight into this. See the 2nd and later posts

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