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Comcast’s New Xfinity TV Set-Top Box Integrates Facebook, powered by Intel



According Rue Liu over at, Comcast customers are about to experience interactive TV on an entirely new level. Comcast, who yesterday announced a partnership with Skype, has just unveiled a new Xfinity set-top box integrated with the extremely popular social website Facebook as well as being powered by an Intel processor.


Apparently, Comcast will use “Intel’s chip for its new Xfinity set-top box, which will be manufactured by Pace. Intel has been pushing its chips into the home-entertainment markets with Google TV products already employing them. However, sales for Google TV have not met targets, and so this new partnership with Comcast is a good opportunity for Intel to expand into the digital home space.”

social-networking-tvBeyond the normal use of Facebook from an app launcher like other devices, “Xfinity will allow subscribers to suggest programming to friends and also receive recommendations.” Comcast seems to have found a deeper niche into home system integration with this set-top box release which will also provide other apps to be delivered through Xfinity such as real-time traffic and weather.

Comcast stated in the official release that:

“This new experience transforms the way consumers watch television with a new guide and user interface that makes the TV screen more interactive, personal and social.”

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts will give a live demo of their new services, according to Tom Cheredar of Venturebeat., ”at the cable industry trade event The Cable Show Thursday, which will be available via live stream at 10 a.m. EST (7 a.m. PST) on Comcast’s website.” Tom Cheredar also mentioned that ”It is unknown at this time if the new service, which is already being tested in Augusta, Georgia, will integrate with Comcast’s recently announced plans to add Skype integration to its HDTV service, which the company announced Monday.”

Stay Tuned for more information, but this is definitely good news for Comcast users!  Leave us your comments!


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